Barefaced Bared Barebacked Bareback Bare-Knuckled Bare-Knuckle Bare-Breasted Bare-Assed Barefacedly Barefoot Barefooted Barehanded Bareheaded Barely Bareness Barf Bargain Bargain Down Bargain Rate Bargain-Priced

Barefacedly Meaning in Urdu

Related Words

Bare - Denudate - Denude - Strip : ننگا کرنا : lay bare. "Denude a forest"

Air - Bare - Publicise - Publicize : عام کرنا : make public. "She aired her opinions on welfare"

Useful Words

Shame : شرمندگی : a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt. "There should be any shame"

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