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بڑھانا : Barhana Meaning in English

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Barhana in Detail

1. Acquire, Develop, Get, Grow, Produce : بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes).

Related : Fledge : grow feathers. Regrow : grow anew or continue growth after an injury or interruption.

2. Raise : بڑھانا Barhana, اونچا کرنا Uncha Karna : (verb) raise the level or amount of something.

Related : Increase : make bigger or more. Bump Up : increase or raise.

3. Deepen, Intensify : بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) become more intense.

Related : Irrupt : erupt or intensify suddenly. Sharpen : become sharp or sharper.

4. Boost, Hike, Hike Up : بڑھانا Barhana, مہنگا کرنا Mhanga Karna : (verb) increase.

Related : Raise : raise from a lower to a higher position.

5. Undress : برہنہ Barhana, ننگا Nanga : (noun) partial or complete nakedness.

Related : Nudity : the state of being without clothing or covering of any kind.

6. Augment : بڑھانا Barhana, اضافہ کرنا Izafa Karna : (verb) enlarge or increase.

Related : Increase : make bigger or more.

7. Build Up : بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) enlarge, develop, or increase by degrees or in stages.

Related : Increase : make bigger or more.

8. Optimise, Optimize : بڑھانا Barhana, طاقت دینا Taaqat Dena, بہتر بنانا Bhetar Banana : (verb) make optimal; get the most out of; use best.

Related : Perfect : make perfect or complete.

9. Enhance, Heighten, Raise : بڑھنا Barhna, اضافہ کرنا Izafa Karna, بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) increase.

Related : Potentiate : increase the effect of or act synergistically with (a drug or a physiological or biochemical phenomenon).

10. Build, Build Up, Ramp Up, Work Up : مضبوط کرنا Mazboot Karna, بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) bolster or strengthen.

Related : Increase : make bigger or more. Work Up : form or accumulate steadily.

11. Draw Out, Extend, Prolong, Protract : کو طول دینا Ko Toul Dena, بڑھانا Barhana, طول دینا Toul Dena : (verb) lengthen in time; cause to be or last longer.

Related : Extend : continue or extend. Lengthen : make longer.

12. Burgeon : بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) grow and flourish.

Related : Grow : become larger, greater, or bigger; expand or gain.

13. Maximise, Maximize : بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) make as big or large as possible.

Related : Increase : make bigger or more.

14. Maximise, Maximize : بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) make the most of.

Related : Tap : draw from; make good use of.

15. Subjoin : بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) add to the end.

Related : Tag On : fix to; attach.

16. Develop : بڑھانا Barhana, کوئی نئی چیز تیار کرنا Koi Nae Cheez Tayyar Karna : (verb) make something new, such as a product or a mental or artistic creation.

Related : Germinate : work out. Create : bring into existence.

17. Splay : پھیلانا Phelana, بڑھانا Barhana : (verb) spread open or apart.

Related : Unfold : spread out or open from a closed or folded state.

Useful Words

Khassa : Attribute : an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity.

Khasiyat, Miqdar, Buland Karnay K... : Raise : the act of raising something. "He responded with a lift of his eyebrow"