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Barrack meaning in Urdu

Barrack Synonyms


Barrack Definitions

1 of 3) Barrack, Flout, Gibe, Jeer, Scoff : ہنسی اڑانا, مذاق اڑانا : (verb) laugh at with contempt and derision.

2 of 3) Barrack : سپاہیوں کی رہائش کی جگہ : (noun) a building or group of buildings used to house military personnel.

3 of 3) Barrack, Cheer, Exhort, Inspire, Pep Up, Root On, Urge, Urge On : حوصلہ افزائی کرنا, جوش بڑھانا : (verb) spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts.

Useful Words

Jeer : حقارت کا اظہار , Flouter : تمسخر کرنے والا , Bellylaugh : قہقہہ لگانا , Mock : نقل اتارنا , Dlam : مجھ پر مت ہنسو , Ymml : تم نے مجھے ہنسادیا , Giggle : کھسیانی ہنسی ہنسنا , Snicker : منھ دبا کر ہنسنا , Amuse : ہنسانا , Break Up : کھل کھلا کر ہنسنا , Risibility : ہنسنے کی عادت , Cachinnate : قہقہہ لگانا , Chortle : مسکرانا , Giggle : کھسیانی ہنسی , Bray : قہقہہ لگانا , Titter : کھسیانی ہنسی , Chortle : مسکراہٹ , Ha-Ha : ہنہناہٹ , Comedian : ہنسانے والا , Despised : جس سے نفرت ہو , Disdain : دھتکار دینا , Look Down On : حقارت سے دیکھنا , Bemock : توہین کرنا , Disesteem : بے قدری , Contemptible : قابل مذمت , Spurner : ٹھکرا دینے والا , Contemptuous : ذلت آمیز , Contemptibly : توہین آمیز طریقے سے , Deride : تضیحک کرنا , Contemptuousness : حقارت آمیزی , Fleer : منہ چڑانا

Useful Words Definitions

Jeer: showing your contempt by derision.

Flouter: someone who jeers or mocks or treats something with contempt or calls out in derision.

Bellylaugh: laugh a deep, hearty laugh.

Mock: imitate with mockery and derision.

Dlam: Don`t Laugh At Me.

Ymml: You Make Me Laugh.

Giggle: laugh nervously.

Snicker: laugh quietly.

Amuse: make (somebody) laugh.

Break Up: laugh unrestrainedly.

Risibility: a disposition to laugh.

Cachinnate: laugh loudly and in an unrestrained way.

Chortle: laugh quietly or with restraint.

Giggle: a foolish or nervous laugh.

Bray: laugh loudly and harshly.

Titter: a nervous restrained laugh.

Chortle: a soft partly suppressed laugh.

Ha-Ha: a loud laugh that sounds like a horse neighing.

Comedian: a professional person who makes people laugh by jokes and comedy.

Despised: treated with contempt.

Disdain: reject with contempt.

Look Down On: regard with contempt.

Bemock: treat with contempt.

Disesteem: have little or no respect for; hold in contempt.

Contemptible: deserving of contempt or scorn.

Spurner: a person who rejects (someone or something) with contempt.

Contemptuous: expressing extreme contempt.

Contemptibly: in a manner deserving contempt.

Deride: treat or speak of with contempt.

Contemptuousness: the manifestation of scorn and contempt.

Fleer: contempt expressed by mockery in looks or words.

Related Words

Armed Forces : کسی قوم کی فوج , Bait : طنز کرنا , Cheerlead : خوش کرنا , Encourage : امید دلانا

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