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Basket Rummy meaning in Urdu

Basket Rummy Synonyms

Basket Rummy Definitions

1) Basket Rummy, Canasta, Meld : تاش کا کھیل : (noun) a form of rummy using two decks of cards and four jokers; jokers and deuces are wild; the object is to form groups of the same rank.


Useful Words

Container : ڈبہ , Carryall : تھیلا , Hamper : ٹوکری , Basketry : ٹوکری بنانے کا فن , Breadbasket : ڈلیا , Basket : ٹوکری بھر , Bassinet : بچے کا جھولا , Creel : مچھلیاں رکھنے والی ٹوکری , Hot-Air Balloon : اڑنے والا غبارہ , Hook : باسکٹ بال کا شارٹ , Price Index : اشاریہ قیمت , Percolator : کافی دان جس میں کافی بنائی جاتی ہے , Bend : موڑنا , Pindaric : پنڈار کی غنائی نظموں کی طرز پر یا اس کا انداز , Participial : صفت فعلی , Beggar-My-Neighbor : کارڈ کا ایک کھیل , Homomorphism : یکسانیت , Line Up : قطار لگانا , Bezique : تاش کا ایک کھیل , 'tween Decks : جہاز کی منزلیں , Holystone : بحری جہاز کا تلہ رگڑنے کا پتھر , Hatchway : جہاز کی گزرگاہ , Phylloquinone : حیاتین کے , Bunch : جمع ہونا , Catenulate : زنجیری , Mister : صاحب , Make : ڈھالنا , Geminate : دہرانا , Team : جماعت بنانا , Combine : ملانا , Adopt : ڈرامہ بنانا

Useful Words Definitions

Container: any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another).

Carryall: a capacious bag or basket.

Hamper: a basket usually with a cover.

Basketry: the craft of basket making.

Breadbasket: a basket for serving bread.

Basket: the quantity contained in a basket.

Bassinet: a basket (usually hooded) used as a baby's bed.

Creel: a wicker basket used by anglers to hold fish.

Hot-Air Balloon: balloon for travel through the air in a basket suspended below a large bag of heated air.

Hook: a basketball shot made over the head with the hand that is farther from the basket.

Price Index: an index that traces the relative changes in the price of an individual good (or a market basket of goods) over time.

Percolator: a coffeepot in which boiling water ascends through a central tube and filters back down through a basket of ground coffee beans.

Bend: cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form.

Pindaric: an ode form used by Pindar; has triple groups of triple units.

Participial: a non-finite form of the verb; in English it is used adjectivally and to form compound tenses.

Beggar-My-Neighbor: a card game for two players in which the object is to win all of the other player`s cards.

Homomorphism: of the same form or similarity of form.

Line Up: form a queue, form a line, stand in line.

Bezique: a card game played with a pack of forty-eight cards (two of each suit for high cards); play resembles whist.

'tween Decks: in the space between decks, on a ship.

Holystone: a soft sandstone used for scrubbing the decks of a ship.

Hatchway: an entrance equipped with a hatch; especially a passageway between decks of a ship.

Phylloquinone: a form of vitamin K.

Bunch: form into a bunch.

Catenulate: having a chainlike form.

Mister: a form of address for a man.

Make: change from one form into another.

Geminate: form by reduplication.

Team: form a team.

Combine: combine so as to form a whole; mix.

Adopt: put into dramatic form.

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