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Bathing Suit   Meaning in Urdu

1. Bathing Suit - Bathing Costume - Swimming Costume - Swimsuit - Swimwear : تیراکی کے کپڑے : (noun) tight fitting garment worn for swimming.

Bikini, Two-Piece - a woman's very brief bathing suit.

Useful Words

Fitting - Try-On - Trying On : فٹنگ کا لباس پہن کر دیکھنا کے وہ فٹ ہیں یا نہیں : putting clothes on to see whether they fit.

Apparel - Clothe - Dress - Enclothe - Fit Out - Garb - Garment - Habilitate - Raiment - Tog : لباس فراہم کرنا : provide with clothes or put clothes on. "Parents must feed and dress their child"

Liquid - Swimming : آنسوں سے بھری ہوئی : filled or brimming with tears. "Swimming eyes"

Tight : تنگ : closely constrained or constricted or constricting. "These clothes have gone tight"

Worn : فرسودہ : affected by wear; damaged by long use. "Worn threads on the screw"

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