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بے رحمانہ : Be Rhemana Meaning in English


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1 of 3) Cold : بے رحمانہ Be Rhemana : without compunction or human feeling.

English Synonym(s) : Cold-Blooded Inhuman Insensate

Urdu Synonym(s) : بے رحمي Be Reham


2 of 3) Bowelless : بے رحمانہ Be Rhemana : ruthless in competition.

English Synonym(s) : Cutthroat Fierce

Related : Unmerciful

3 of 3) Grim : : not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty.

English Synonym(s) : Inexorable Relentless Stern Unappeasable Unforgiving Unrelenting

Urdu Synonym(s) : سخت Sakht شدید Shadeed کڑا Kara

Related : Implacable

Useful Words

Ehsas : Feeling : the experiencing of affective and emotional states. "It`s a matter of feeling"

Insaan : Human : any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage. "Be a human"

Chonay Ka Ehsas : Feeling : the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin. "She likes the touch of silk on her skin"

Khayal Goman : Feeling : a vague idea in which some confidence is placed. "His impression of her was favorable"

Nadamat Pashemani Pachtawa : Compunction : a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed). "I have no remorse anymore"

Mahool : Feeling : the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people. "The feel of the city excited him"

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