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Be Roh : بے رُوح

1. Breathless, Inanimate, Pulseless : بے جان - بے روح - مردہ :

Sans, Tanafas - Breathing - the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation; the process of taking in oxygen from inhaled air and releasing carbon dioxide by exhalation.

Hazari - Appearing - formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action.

Manfi, Inkar - No - a negative; "No buddy".

Dharkan - Pulse - the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the heart; "he could feel the beat of her heart".

Dal - Pulse - edible seeds of various pod-bearing plants (peas or beans or lentils etc.); "Which pulse should I cook?".

Mayyat, Murda - Dead - people who are no longer living; "they buried the dead".

ٹی وی پر تبلیغ کرنے والے