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Beaver meaning in Urdu

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Beaver Definitions

1 of 2) Beaver, Beaver Fur : اودبلاو : (noun) the soft brown fur of the beaver.

2 of 2) Beaver, Dress Hat, High Hat, Opera Hat, Silk Hat, Stovepipe, Top Hat, Topper : اونچی ٹوپی : (noun) a man`s hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur.

Useful Words

Atomic Number 3 : دوائی اور بیٹری میں استعمال ہونے والی ایک قیمتی دھات , Butternut : شمال امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا اخروٹ کا درخت , Hexalectris Warnockii : بے پتہ پودا , Heavy Metal : بھاری دھات , Jet Stream : تیز رفتار آندھی , Expensive : مہنگا , Prim : بہت معقول لباس پہننا , Dandify : چھبیلا بننا , Bundle Up : گرم جوشی سے کپڑے پہنانا , Beau : بن ٹھن کے رہنے والا , Bodice : چولی , Black Tie : مردانہ جیکٹ , Bandage : مرہم پٹی کرنا , Plastron : صدر پوش , Howitzer : چھوٹی توپ , Flourish : بڑھنا , Hdl Cholesterol : اچھی چکنائی , Dapper : خوش وضع , Kirtle : عورتوں کا چوغا , Mother Hubbard : ایک قسم کا عورتوں کا ڈھیلا لباس , Cocktail Dress : جو خاص موقعوں پر پہنا جاتا ہے , Prank : سجنا , Georgette : جارجٹ , Dandified : چھبیلا , Dress Suit : مردانہ رسمی لباس شام کے وقت کے لیے , Citified : شہری طور طریقے اپنانے والا , Fashionable : ڈھنگ کا , Dirndl : کمربند لباس , Alpha-Lipoprotein : اعلی کثافت کی لیپوپروٹین , Beat : غیر مقلد , Jumper : بغیر آستینوں کا لباس

Useful Words Definitions

Atomic Number 3: Lithium is a chemical element represented by the symbol "Li" on the periodic table. It is a soft, silvery-white metal that belongs to the alkali metal group. Lithium is known for its low density and high reactivity. It has various industrial applications, including use in rechargeable batteries, ceramics, and certain pharmaceuticals. In medicine, lithium is also used as a mood-stabilizing medication to treat bipolar disorder..

Butternut: North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nuts; source of a light-brown dye.

Hexalectris Warnockii: orchid with slender nearly leafless reddish-brown stems with loose racemes of reddish-brown flowers; of open brushy woods of southeastern Arizona and central Texas.

Heavy Metal: a metal of relatively high density (specific gravity greater than about 5) or of high relative atomic weight (especially one that is poisonous like mercury or lead).

Jet Stream: a high-speed high-altitude airstream blowing from west to east near the top of the troposphere; has important effects of the formation of weather fronts.

Expensive: high in price or charging high prices.

Prim: dress primly.

Dandify: dress like a dandy.

Bundle Up: dress warmly.

Beau: a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance.

Bodice: part of a dress above the waist.

Black Tie: semiformal evening dress for men.

Bandage: dress by covering or binding.

Plastron: the front of man's dress shirt.

Howitzer: a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range.

Flourish: make steady progress; be at the high point in one`s career or reach a high point in historical significance or importance.

Hdl Cholesterol: the cholesterol in high-density lipoproteins; the `good` cholesterol; a high level in the blood is thought to lower the risk of coronary artery disease.

Dapper: marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners.

Kirtle: a long dress worn by women.

Mother Hubbard: a woman's loose unbelted dress.

Cocktail Dress: a dress suitable for formal occasions.

Prank: dress or decorate showily or gaudily.

Georgette: a thin silk dress material.

Dandified: affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner.

Dress Suit: formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men.

Citified: being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person.

Fashionable: having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress.

Dirndl: a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt.

Alpha-Lipoprotein: a lipoprotein that transports cholesterol in the blood; composed of a high proportion of protein and relatively little cholesterol; high levels are thought to be associated with decreased risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Beat: a member of the beat generation; a nonconformist in dress and behavior.

Jumper: a sleeveless dress resembling an apron; worn over other clothing.

Related Words

Chapeau : ٹوپی , Fur : پشم

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