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1) Beef Cattle, Beef : مویشی : (noun) cattle that are reared for their meat.

Related : Texas Longhorn : long-horned beef cattle formerly common in southwestern United States. Black Angus : black hornless breed from Scotland. Whiteface : hardy English breed of dairy cattle raised extensively in United States.

Useful Words

Beef, Bellyache, Bitch, Crab, Gripe, Grouse, Holler, Squawk : شکایت کرنا : complain. "What was he hollering about ?".

Beef Man, Cattleman, Cow Man : مویشی پالنے والا : a man who raises (or tends) cattle. "Cattleman cowboy hat for sale".

Beef Up, Fortify, Strengthen : مضبوط کرنا : make strong or stronger. "This exercise will strengthen your upper body".

Cattle Farm, Cattle Ranch, Ranch, Spread : جانوروں کا باڑہ : farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle).

Cattle Pen, Corral, Cow Pen : مویشیوں کا باڑہ : a pen for cattle. "Cow pen owner".

Cattle Thief, Rustler : مویشی چرانے والا : someone who steals livestock (especially cattle).

Dairy Cattle, Dairy Cow, Milch Cow, Milcher, Milk Cow, Milker : گاۓ جنھیں دودھ کے کاروبار کے لیے پالا جاتا ہے : cattle that are reared for their milk.

Ground Beef, Hamburger : قیمہ : beef that has been ground.

Pickle Beef : اچار گوشت : Spicy beef dish that is served with roti or naan.. "Did you try pickle beef".

Beefalo, Cattalo : دوغلا جانور : hardy breed of cattle resulting from crossing domestic cattle with the American buffalo; yields leaner beef than conventional breeds. "Beefalo weight is about 900 to 1800 pounds".

Longhorn, Texas Longhorn : لمبے سینگوں والا : long-horned beef cattle formerly common in southwestern United States.

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