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Beginner meaning in Urdu

Beginner Synonyms


Beginner Definitions

1 of 2) Beginner, Initiate, Novice, Tiro, Tyro : اناڑی, مبتدی : (noun) someone new to a field or activity.

2 of 2) Beginner, Father, Founder, Founding Father : بانی : (noun) a person who founds or establishes some institution.

Useful Words

Narrow : کا ماہر ہونا , Action : خاص کام , Interest : مفاداتی گروہ , Abecedarian : نیا سیکھنے والا , Polyoma : رسولی پیدا کرنے والا وائرس , Gloss : کتاب کے مشکل الفاظ کی فہرست , Offside : فٹ بال اور دوسرے کھیلوں کا ایک اصول , Recreation : تازگی , Communicating : رابطہ , Active : متحرک , Cap : بم پھوڑنے کا آلہ , Afield : میدان جنگ میں , Create : بنانا , Go Out : محاز پر جانا , Ace : انتہائی ماہر , Wheat Field : جس جگہ گندم لگائی گئی ہو , Excite : متحرک کرنا , Left Fielder : میدان کے بائیں حصے کا کھلاڑی , Initiate : ماہر , Track Meet : کھیلوں کا مقابلہ , Acheta : جھینگر , Textile Designing : کپڑا سے متعلق چیزوں کی ڈزائنیگ , Campus : یونیورسٹی کا رقبہ , Lawn : چمن , Floe : بہتا ہوا برف , Arc : اسپارک , Hayfield : سبزہ زار , Paddy : چاول کی فصل , First Earl Kitchener Of Khartoum : انگریز فوجی افسر , Great White Hope : کامیابی کی امید , Field Work : تفتیش کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Narrow: become more focus on an area of activity or field of study.

Action: the most important or interesting work or activity in a specific area or field.

Interest: (usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims.

Abecedarian: a novice learning the rudiments of some subject.

Polyoma: a virus the can initiate various kinds of tumors in mice.

Gloss: an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge; usually published as an appendix to a text on that field.

Offside: (sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc.).

Recreation: activity that refreshes and recreates; activity that renews your health and spirits by enjoyment and relaxation.

Communicating: the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information.

Active: full of activity or engaged in continuous activity.

Cap: a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive; can be used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive.

Afield: in or into a field (especially a field of battle).

Create: pursue a creative activity; be engaged in a creative activity.

Go Out: take the field.

Ace: someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.

Wheat Field: a field planted with wheat.

Excite: produce a magnetic field in.

Left Fielder: the person who plays left field.

Initiate: someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field.

Track Meet: a track and field competition between two or more teams.

Acheta: common house and field crickets.

Textile Designing: a field where textile products are designed.

Campus: a field on which the buildings of a university are situated.

Lawn: a field of cultivated and mowed grass.

Floe: a flat mass of ice (smaller than an ice field) floating at sea.

Arc: electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field.

Hayfield: a field where grass or alfalfa are grown to be made into hay.

Paddy: an irrigated or flooded field where rice is grown.

First Earl Kitchener Of Khartoum: British field marshal (1850-1916).

Great White Hope: someone (or something) expected to achieve great success in a given field.

Field Work: an investigation carried out in the field rather than in a laboratory or headquarters.

Related Words

Cofounder : شریک بانی , Apprentice : مبتدی / شاگرد , Coloniser : آبادکار , Cub : نادان , Landlubber : نا تجربہ کار ملاح , Entrant : نیا آنے والا , Conceiver : موجد , Tenderfoot : ناواقف نوتجربہ کار شخص , Trainee : جس کی تربیت ہور ہی ہو

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