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Beneficent meaning in Urdu

Beneficent Sentence

The most beneficent regime in history.

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Beneficent Definitions

1 of 2) Beneficent, Benevolent, Eleemosynary, Philanthropic : سخی, فیاض : (satellite adjective) generous in assistance to the poor.

2 of 2) Beneficent : محسن : (adjective) doing or producing good.

Useful Words

Philanthropically : ہمدردی سے , Hepatic Coma : جگر کی بیماری سے ہونے والا کوما , Benevolently : فیاضی سے , Ahura : دیوی دیوتا , Lavish : فراغ دلی سے , Benevolent : سخی , Generously : کھلے دل سے , Big : فراغ دل , Bigheartedness : فراغ دلی , Ungrudgingly : بغیر کسی عداوت کے , Greathearted : عالی ظرف , Beneficence : احسان , Noblesse Oblige : متمول اور عالی مرتبت اشخاص پر باوقار طرز عمل کی ذمہ داری , Largess : فراخ دلی , Service : خدمت گزاری کا عمل , Single-Handed : یکہ و تنہا طور پر , Recourse : مدد کرنے کا عمل , Unaccommodating : نامدد گار , Assistive : مددگار , Hand : مدد , Recourse : پناہ , Ministration : خدمت , Aid : مدد کرنا , Ally : اتحادی , Benefit : مالی مدد , Benefaction : خیرات , Solo : تن تنہا , Engage : ملازم پر رکھنا , Supportive : سہارا دینے والا , Lift : وقتی مدد کرنے کا عمل , Lone Hand : تنہائی پسند انسان

Useful Words Definitions

Philanthropically: in a philanthropic manner.

Hepatic Coma: coma that can occur in severe cases of liver disease.

Hepatic coma symptoms : Anxiety or restlessness, cognitive impairment (confusion or poor thinking), balance problems may be seen, poor attention sometimes, asterixis, mood swings, muscle twitches, lack of alertness..

Benevolently: in a benevolent manner.

Ahura: (Zoroastrianism) title for benevolent deities.

Lavish: very generous.

Benevolent: generous in providing aid to others.

Generously: in a generous manner.

Big: generous and understanding and tolerant.

Bigheartedness: the quality of being kind and generous.

Ungrudgingly: in a generous and ungrudging manner.

Greathearted: noble and generous in spirit.

Beneficence: the quality of being kind or helpful or generous.

Noblesse Oblige: the obligation of those of high rank to be honorable and generous (often used ironically).

Largess: liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit.

Service: an act of help or assistance.

Single-Handed: without assistance.

Recourse: act of turning to for assistance.

Unaccommodating: offering no assistance.

Assistive: giving assistance.

Hand: physical assistance.

Recourse: something or someone turned to for assistance or security.

Ministration: assistance in time of difficulty.

Aid: give help or assistance; be of service.

Ally: an associate who provides cooperation or assistance.

Benefit: financial assistance in time of need.

Benefaction: a contribution of money or assistance.

Solo: any activity that is performed alone without assistance.

Engage: hire for work or assistance.

Supportive: furnishing support or assistance.

Lift: the act of giving temporary assistance.

Lone Hand: a person who avoids the company or assistance of others.

Related Words

Kind : مہربان

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