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Bent meaning in Urdu

Bent Sentences

Leg got bent.
Bent nails.

Bent Synonyms


Bent Definitions

1 of 12) Bent, Bend, Crook, Turn, Twist : موڑ, ٹیڑھ, خم : (noun) a circular segment of a curve.

2 of 12) Bent, Bend, Flex : مڑنا : (verb) form a curve.

3 of 12) Bent, Bent On, Dead Set, Out To : ثابت قدم : (satellite adjective) fixed in your purpose.

Bent on going to the theater.

4 of 12) Bent, Bended : مڑاہوا : (satellite adjective) used of the back and knees; stooped.

With bent (or bended) back.

5 of 12) Bent, Bend, Curve : ٹیڑھا, خمدار, خم دار : (noun) curved segment (of a road or river or railroad track etc.).

6 of 12) Bent, Bend, Deform, Flex, Turn, Twist : موڑنا : (verb) cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form.

7 of 12) Bent, Crumpled, Dented : ٹیڑھا, خمدار : (satellite adjective) of metal e.g.

8 of 12) Bent, Hang, Knack : کچھ کرنے کا خاص طریقہ : (noun) a special way of doing something.

He had a bent for it.

9 of 12) Bent, Bend, Crease, Crimp, Flexure, Fold, Plication : تہ دھاری, سلوٹ, خم : (noun) an angular or rounded shape made by folding.

10 of 12) Bent, Bend, Bow, Crouch, Stoop : احترام سے جھکنا, جھکنا : (verb) bend one`s back forward from the waist on down.

11 of 12) Bent, Bend, Deflect, Turn Away : مڑنا, منعکس ہونا : (verb) turn from a straight course, fixed direction, or line of interest.

12 of 12) Bent, Bend, Flex : موڑنا, جوڑ موڑنا : (verb) bend a joint.

Useful Words

Agrostis : گھاس , Crotchet : گول مڑا ہوا , Wry : ایک طرف کو مڑا ہوا , Inflexible : بے لچک , Lop-Eared : جھکے ہوئے کانوں والا , Decurved : نیچے جھکا ہوا , Recurve : موڑنا , Bight : کھاڑی , Retrorse : پیچھے کو مڑا ہوا , Ductile : کھینچے جانے کے قابل , Antrorse : بالا رخ , Screw Eye : حلقہ دار پیچ , Flexibility : نرمی , Reflected : منعکس , Bendable : موڑنے کے قابل , Curved : خم دار , Cramp : آنکڑا , Claw : مشینی پنجا , Squat : اکڑوں , Replicate : موڑا ہوا , Knee Bend : اکڑوں بیٹھنا پھر اٹھنا , Incline : طرف کرنا , Flamingo : لمبی گردن اور لمبی ٹانگیں والا ایک پرندہ , Hakenkreuz : نازی پارٹی کا یہ نشان , Ellipse : بیضوی شکل , Headlock : سر بازو میں پھنسا دینا , Evert : الٹنا , Translocate : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ پہنچانا , Log : درخت کا تنا , R : نصف قطر , Vector : خط حامل

Useful Words Definitions

Agrostis: annual or perennial grasses cosmopolitan in northern hemisphere: bent grass (so named from `bent` meaning an area of unfenced grassland).

Crotchet: a sharp curve or crook; a shape resembling a hook.

Wry: bent to one side.

Inflexible: resistant to being bent.

Lop-Eared: having bent or drooping ears.

Decurved: bent down or curved downward.

Recurve: curve or bend (something) back or down.

Bight: a bend or curve (especially in a coastline).

Retrorse: bent or curved backward or downward.

Ductile: capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out.

Antrorse: bent or curved forward or upward.

Screw Eye: a woodscrew having its shank bent into a ring.

Flexibility: the property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped.

Reflected: (especially of incident sound or light) bent or sent back.

Bendable: capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking.

Curved: having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend.

Cramp: a strip of metal with ends bent at right angles; used to hold masonry together.

Claw: a mechanical device that is curved or bent to suspend or hold or pull something.

Squat: the act of assuming or maintaining a crouching position with the knees bent and the buttocks near the heels.

Replicate: bend or turn backward.

Knee Bend: exercising by repeatedly assuming a crouching position with the knees bent; strengthens the leg muscles.

Incline: bend or turn (one's ear) towards a speaker in order to listen well.

Flamingo: large pink to scarlet web-footed wading bird with down-bent bill; inhabits brackish lakes.

Hakenkreuz: the official emblem of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich; a cross with the arms bent at right angles in a clockwise direction.

Ellipse: a closed plane curve resulting from the intersection of a circular cone and a plane cutting completely through it.

Headlock: a wrestling hold in which the opponent`s head is locked between the crook of your elbow and the side of your body.

Evert: turn inside out; turn the inner surface of outward.

Translocate: transfer (a chromosomal segment) to a new position.

Log: a segment of the trunk of a tree when stripped of branches.

R: the length of a line segment between the center and circumference of a circle or sphere.

Vector: a straight line segment whose length is magnitude and whose orientation in space is direction.

Related Words

Road : شاہراہ , Section : کٹا ہوا ٹکڑا , Endowment : قدرتی صلاحیت , River : دریا , Curve : خمیدہ , Kink : الجھاو , Pucker : سکڑنا , Dent : چوٹ پڑنا , Convolute : بل دینا , Turn : رخ بدلنا , Crook : موڑنا , Arc : خم دار ہونا , Angle : جھکنا , Cower : خوف زدہ ہونا , Cower : ڈر سے دبکنا , Damaged : ٹوٹا ہوا , Resolute : پر عزم

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