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بیٹا : Beta Meaning in English

Beta Synonyms


Beta in Detail

1 of 2) بیٹا منا : Cub Lad Laddie Sonny Sonny Boy : (noun) a male child (a familiar term of address to a boy).

2 of 2) لڑکا فرزند بیٹا : Boy Son : (noun) a male human offspring.

Useful Words

بچہ : Boy , مشہور : Familiar , اچھی طرح واقف : Long-Familiar , پتہ لکھنا : Address , استقبالیہ : Salutatory , خطاب : Form Of Address , رخصتی : Valediction , عوامی خطابت کا نظام : P.A. , اصطلاح : Term , جماعت کا وقت : Academic Session , فوجی سروس کی دور : Duty Tour , قسطوں پر خریدنا : Lease , میعادی بیمہ : Term Insurance , طویل المعیاد : Long-Run , قید کا عرصہ : Prison Term , صدارت : Administration , قلیل المدتی : Short-Run , حاملہ : Big , بیوقوف : Baby , غیر معمولی بچہ : Child Prodigy , لے پالک : Foster Child , بے گھر بچہ : Street Child , ناجائز اولاد : Bastard , بہت آسان کام : Breeze , انتہائی آزاد خیال : Flower Child , بچی : Female Child , دوسرے بچوں کی دیکھ بھال : Child Care , اسکول جانے والا بچہ : Pupil , آدمی : Adult Male , بادشاہ : King , ہجڑا پن : Eunuchoidism

Useful Words Definitions

Boy: a youthful male person.

Familiar: well known or easily recognized.

Long-Familiar: frequently experienced; known closely or intimately.

Address: put an address on (an envelope).

Salutatory: an opening or welcoming statement (especially one delivered at graduation exercises).

Form Of Address: an identifying appellation signifying status or function: e.g. `Mr.' or `General'.

Valediction: a farewell oration (especially one delivered during graduation exercises by an outstanding member of a graduating class).

P.A.: an electronic amplification system used as a communication system in public areas.

Term: a word or expression used for some particular thing.

Academic Session: the time during which a school holds classes.

Duty Tour: a period of time spent in military service.

Lease: the period of time during which a contract conveying property to a person is in effect.

Term Insurance: low-cost insurance that is valid only for a stated period of time and has no cash surrender value or loan value.

Long-Run: relating to or extending over a relatively long time.

Prison Term: the period of time a prisoner is imprisoned.

Administration: the tenure of a president.

Short-Run: relating to or extending over a limited period.

Big: in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

Baby: an immature childish person.

Child Prodigy: a prodigy whose talents are recognized at an early age.

Foster Child: a child who is raised by foster parents.

Street Child: a homeless child especially one forsaken or orphaned.

Bastard: the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents.

Breeze: any undertaking that is easy to do.

Flower Child: someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle.

Female Child: a youthful female person.

Child Care: a service involving care for other people`s children.

Pupil: a young person attending school (up through senior high school).

Adult Male: an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman).

King: a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom.

Eunuchoidism: the state of being a eunuch (either because of lacking testicles or because they failed to develop).

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