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1) Bewildered, At Sea, Baffled, Befuddled, Bemused, Confounded, Confused, Lost, Mazed, Mixed-Up : اضطرابی, مذبذب : (satellite adjective) perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment.

Bewildered and confused.

Useful Words

Bafflement, Befuddlement, Bemusement, Bewilderment, Mystification, Obfuscation, Puzzlement : اضطراب : confusion resulting from failure to understand.

At Odds, Conflicting, Contradictory, Self-Contradictory : متصادم : in disagreement. "The figures are at odds with our findings".

Many : اکثر : a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as` or `too` or `so` or `that`; amounting to a large but indefinite number. "Many temptations".

Situation, State Of Affairs : حالات : the general state of things; the combination of circumstances at a given time. "The situation is better now that terrorism has been eradicated in Karachi".

Statement : بیان : a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc. "According to his statement he was in London on that day".

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