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بھُول : Bhool Meaning in English

Bhool in Sentences

He skipped a row in the text and so the sentence was incomprehensible.
He hops up and down like a little boy.

Bhool in Detail

1 of 2) بھول چوک : Omission Skip : (noun) a mistake resulting from neglect.


2 of 2) بھول : Forgetfulness : (noun) tendency to forget.

Useful Words

خطا : Lapse , غلط چھپائی : Erratum , غلیظ : Augean , دنیا داری : Worldliness , غیر محتاط : Negligent , مستثنی قرار دینے کا عمل : Elision , حرف علت کو چھوڑ دینے کا عمل : Elision , کاٹ : Cut , غلطی : Bloomer , حساب میں غلطی ہونا : Miscalculation , بلا مغالطہ : Unmistakably , جھوٹا بیان : Misstatement , احمقانہ حرکت : Betise , غلط پہچان کرنا : Confound , انتباہ کرنے والا : Admonisher , بخشنا : Forgiveness , غلطی کرنا : Err , سرزنش : Chastening , غلط بیانی : Distortion , لفظ جو غلط ادا ہوجاۓ : Slip Of The Tongue , حماقت کرنا : Blunder , تصحیح : Correction , صدقہ : Forfeit , چھوٹی غلطی : Miscue , فٹ بال اور دوسرے کھیلوں کا ایک اصول : Offside , تعلیم سے متعلق : Educative , اچھا ہونا : Good , پرلطفی : Enjoyableness , زہریلی : Atoxic , صنعت سے متعلق : Industrial , دل کا برا : Malicious

Useful Words Definitions

Lapse: a mistake resulting from inattention.

Erratum: a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind.

Augean: extremely filthy from long neglect.

Worldliness: concern with worldly affairs to the neglect of spiritual needs.

Negligent: characterized by neglect and undue lack of concern.

Elision: a deliberate act of omission.

Elision: omission of a sound between two words (usually a vowel and the end of one word or the beginning of the next).

Cut: the omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage.

Bloomer: an embarrassing mistake.

Miscalculation: a mistake in calculating.

Unmistakably: without possibility of mistake.

Misstatement: a statement that contains a mistake.

Betise: a stupid mistake.

Confound: mistake one thing for another.

Admonisher: someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided.

Forgiveness: the act of excusing a mistake or offense.

Err: to make a mistake or be incorrect.

Chastening: a rebuke for making a mistake.

Distortion: the mistake of misrepresenting the facts.

Slip Of The Tongue: an accidental and usually trivial mistake in speaking.

Blunder: commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake.

Correction: the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right.

Forfeit: the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc..

Miscue: a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc..

Offside: (sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc.).

Educative: resulting in education.

Good: resulting favorably.

Enjoyableness: pleasantness resulting from something that can be enjoyed.

Atoxic: not producing or resulting from poison.

Industrial: of or relating to or resulting from industry.

Malicious: having the nature of or resulting from malice.

Related Words

خطا : Error , نسیان : Amnesia

Close Words

بھولنا : Bury , بھولے سے : Inadvertently , بھولا : Fleeceable , بھولا بھالا : Naif , بھول بھلیاں : Labyrinth , بھولنا : Blank Out , ترغیب دینے والا : Prompter , بھولے سے : Forgetfully , بھولا : Artless , سیدھا سادھا : Guileless , بہولے پن سے : Artlessly

Close Words Definitions

Bury: dismiss from the mind; stop remembering.

Inadvertently: without knowledge or intention.

Fleeceable: naive and easily deceived or tricked.

Naif: marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience.

Labyrinth: complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost.

Blank Out: be unable to remember.

Prompter: someone who assists a performer by providing the next words of a forgotten speech.

Forgetfully: in a forgetful manner.

Artless: characterized by an inability to mask your feelings; not devious.

Guileless: free of deceit and other trickery activites.

Artlessly: in an ingenuous manner.

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