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Bilamoum : بالعموم

1. Commonly, Normally, Ordinarily, Unremarkably, Usually : عام طور پر - بالعموم :

Farmula, Tareeqa, Riwayat, Zabta - Normal - something regarded as a normative example; "the convention of not naming the main character".

Sochnay Ki Baat - Condition - information that should be kept in mind when making a decision; "another consideration is the time it would take".

Shart - Condition - an assumption on which rests the validity or effect of something else.

Nukat - Condition - (usually plural) a statement of what is required as part of an agreement; "the contract set out the conditions of the lease".

Halat, Kifiyat - Condition - a state at a particular time; "I have very strange condition".

ٹی وی پر تبلیغ کرنے والے