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بِلامُقابلہ طور پر : Bilamuqabla Tor Par Meaning in English

Bilamuqabla Tor Par in Detail

1) بلامقابلہ طور پر : Incomparably Uncomparably : (adverb) in an incomparable manner or to an incomparable degree.


Useful Words

بے مثل : Incomparable , ڈھنگ : Manner , کسی طرح سے : In Some Manner , قسم : Manner , چلنے کی ادا : Manner Of Walking , بات چیت یا گفتگو کا انداز : Delivery , غیر انسانی طور پر : Bestially , ایذاء رسانی کے ذریعے کی جانے والی تفتیش : Third Degree , ناپنے کا کوئی درجہ : Arcdegree , ڈاکٹریٹ کی ڈگری جو جامعہ کی طرف سے دی گئی ہو : Doctor's Degree , مقابل : Comparative , آنرز والی سند : Honours , جامعہ کی ابتدائی سند : Baccalaureate , اعزازی سند : Honorary Degree

Useful Words Definitions

Incomparable: such that comparison is impossible; unsuitable for comparison or lacking features that can be compared.

Manner: a way of acting or behaving.

In Some Manner: in some unspecified way or manner; or by some unspecified means.

Manner: a kind.

Manner Of Walking: manner of walking.

Delivery: your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally.

Bestially: in an inhumane manner.

Third Degree: interrogation often accompanied by torture to extort information or a confession.

Arcdegree: a measure for arcs and angles.

Doctor's Degree: one of the highest earned academic degrees conferred by a university.

Comparative: the comparative form of an adjective or adverb.

Honours: a university degree with honors.

Baccalaureate: an academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies.

Honorary Degree: a degree conferred to honor the recipient.

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