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بلکل ٹھیک : Bilkal Theek Meaning in English

Bilkal Theek in Detail

1) بلکل ٹھیک : Precise : (adjective) sharply exact or accurate or delimited.


Useful Words

بالکل درست : Accurate : conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy. "He has stitched the clothe accurate as per measurement was given to him".

محدود : Bounded : having the limits or boundaries established. "A delimited frontier through the disputed region".

واجبات کا مطالبہ کرنا : Demand : claim as due or just. "The bank demanded payment of the loan".

تیزی سے : Aggressively : in an aggressive manner. "The inspector advised constables that be careful when you approach the thief because he carries weapon and he may react aggressively after seeing the police".

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