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Bimanual   Meaning in Urdu

1. Bimanual - Two-Handed : دونوں ہاتہوں سے - جسے استعمال کرنے کے لیے دو آدمیوں کی ضرورت ہو : requiring two hands or designed for two people.

A machine designed for bimanual operation.

Handed - having or involving the use of hands.

Useful Words

Designed - Intentional : کسی مقصد کے لئے بنایا گیا : done or made or performed with purpose and intent. "Styleis more than the deliberate and designed creation"

People : لوگ : (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively. "What do I tell people?"

2 - Deuce - Ii - Two : دو : the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number. "It takes two to make a quarrel"

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