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Bimester meaning in Urdu

Bimester Definitions

1) Bimester : دو ماہی, دو ماہ کا عرصہ : (noun) a period of 2 months.


Useful Words

Semestral : میقاتی , Financial Year : ماہ کی مدت , Semester : چھ ماہ کی مدت کا عرصہ , Perinatal : پیدائش کے وقت سے متعلق , Trimester : تین ماہ کے دورانیے والا , Bimestrial : ہر دو ماہ بعد , Reign : دور حکومت , Acute Schizophrenic Episode : دیوانگی کا دورہ , Weekend : اختتام ہفتہ , Recession : کساد بازاری , Advance Death Benefit : موت کا پیشگی معاوضہ , Canicular Days : تپتے دن , Morning Sickness : صبح کی متلی جو عام طور پر حمل کے ابتدائی مہینوں میں ہوتی ہے , Julian Calendar : جولینی کیلنڈر , Recurrent Fever : لوٹ آنے والا بخار , Coetaneous : ہم عصر , Century : صدی , Christmas : یول , Eve : ذرا پہلے , Dawn : شروع کا دور , Decade : دس سالہ مدت , Postwar : جنگ کے بعد کی مدت , Currently : اس وقت , Peacetime : امن کا زمانہ , Contemporaneously : اسی دور میں , Quinquennium : پانچ سال کا عرصہ , Bout : مرض کا دور , Quadrennium : چار سال کا عرصہ , Climacteric : تولید کا خاتمہ , Output : پیداوار , Early Days : ابتدائی مرحلہ

Useful Words Definitions

Semestral: occurring every six months or during every period of six months.

Financial Year: any accounting period of 12 months.

Semester: half a year; a period of 6 months.

Perinatal: occurring during the period around birth (5 months before and 1 month after).

Trimester: a period of three months; especially one of the three three-month periods into which human pregnancy is divided.

Bimestrial: occurring every two months.

Reign: a period during which something or somebody is dominant or powerful in specific period .

Acute Schizophrenic Episode: schizophrenia of abrupt onset and relatively short duration (a few weeks or months).

Weekend: a time period usually extending from Friday night through Sunday; more loosely defined as any period of successive days including one and only one Sunday.

Recession: the state of the economy declines; a widespread decline in the GDP and employment and trade lasting from six months to a year.

Advance Death Benefit: a percentage of death benefits paid directly to policy holders having a short life expectancy (usually 6 months).

Canicular Days: the hot period between early July and early September; a period of inactivity.

Morning Sickness: nausea early in the day; a characteristic symptom in the early months of pregnancy.

Julian Calendar: the solar calendar introduced in Rome in 46 b.c. by Julius Caesar and slightly modified by Augustus, establishing the 12-month year of 365 days with each 4th year having 366 days and the months having 31 or 30 days except for February.

Recurrent Fever: marked by recurring high fever and transmitted by the bite of infected lice or ticks; characterized by episodes of high fever and chills and headache and muscle pain and nausea that recur every week or ten days for several months.

Coetaneous: of the same period.

Century: a period of 100 years.

Christmas: period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6.

Eve: the period immediately before something.

Dawn: the earliest period.

Decade: a period of 10 years.

Postwar: belonging to the period after a war.

Currently: at this time or period; now.

Peacetime: a period of time during which there is no war.

Contemporaneously: during the same period of time.

Quinquennium: a period of five years.

Bout: a period of illness.

Quadrennium: a period of four years.

Climacteric: a period in a man's life corresponding to menopause.

Output: what is produced in a given time period.

Early Days: an early period of development.

Related Words

Period : مدت

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