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Biologist meaning in Urdu

Biologist Sentence

He is a biologist.

Biologist Synonym

Biologist Definitions

1) Biologist, Life Scientist : ماہر حیاتیات : (noun) (biology) a scientist who studies living organisms.


Useful Words

Radiobiologist : زندہ مادے پر تابکاری کے اثرات کا ماہر , Physiologist : فعلیات دان , Ecologist : ماہر ماحولیات , Radiobiology : تابکاری حیاتیات , Embryology : جنینیات کا علم , Bacteriologist : ماہر جرثومیات , Oceanographer : ماہر بحر جغرافیہ , Sociologist : ماہر عمرانیات , Demographer : ماہر آبادیات , Epidemiologist : ماہر وبائیات , Genetic Science : جینیات , Biological Science : حیاتیات , Biologic : حیاتیاتی , Molecular Biology : سالماتی حیاتیات , Geneticist : ماہر جینیات , Botanist : ماہر نباتیات , Cell : خلیہ , Chemist : کیمیا دان , Investigator : کھوج لگانے والا , Mineralogist : ماہر معدنیات , Physicist : طبیعیات دان , Natural Scientist : تاریخ طبیعی کا ماہر , Anthropologist : ماہر بشریات , Immunologist : مناعیات کا ماہر , Microscopist : ماہر خرد بین , Political Scientist : ماہر سیاسیات , Computer Scientist : کمپیوٹر کا سائنس دان , Affinity : حیاتیات کا تعلق , Zoological : حیوانی علم سے متعلق , Botany : نباتیات , Zoological Science : علم الحیوانات

Useful Words Definitions

Radiobiologist: a biologist who studies the effects of radiation on living organisms.

Physiologist: a biologist or student of the branch of biology that deals with the living organisms normal functions and their parts.

Ecologist: a biologist who studies the relation between organisms and their environment.

Radiobiology: the branch of biology that studies the effects of radiation on living organisms.

Embryology: the branch of biology that studies the formation and early development of living organisms.

Bacteriologist: a biologist who studies bacteria.

Oceanographer: a scientist who studies physical and biological aspects of the seas.

Sociologist: a social scientist who studies the institutions and development of human society.

Demographer: a scientist who studies the growth and density of populations and their vital statistics.

Epidemiologist: a medical scientist who studies the transmission and control of epidemic diseases.

Genetic Science: the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms.

Biological Science: the science that studies living organisms.

Biologic: pertaining to biology or to life and living things.

Molecular Biology: the branch of biology that studies the structure and activity of macromolecules essential to life (and especially with their genetic role).

Geneticist: a biologist who specializes in genetics.

Botanist: a biologist specializing in the study of plants.

Cell: (biology) the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms; they may exist as independent units of life (as in monads) or may form colonies or tissues as in higher plants and animals.

Chemist: a scientist who specializes in chemistry.

Investigator: a scientist who devotes himself to doing research.

Mineralogist: a scientist trained in mineralogy.

Physicist: a scientist trained in physics.

Natural Scientist: a biologist knowledgeable about natural history (especially botany and zoology).

Anthropologist: a social scientist who specializes in anthropology.

Immunologist: a medical scientist who specializes in immunology.

Microscopist: a scientist who specializes in research with the use of microscopes.

Political Scientist: a social scientist specializing in the study of government.

Computer Scientist: a scientist who specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computers.

Affinity: (biology) state of relationship between organisms or groups of organisms resulting in resemblance in structure or structural parts.

Zoological: Zoology is the branch of biology that focuses on the scientific study of animals. It encompasses the study of animal classification, structure, behavior, physiology, evolution, and ecology. Zoologists observe, classify, and analyze various aspects of animal life, ranging from individual organisms to entire populations and ecosystems.

Botany: the branch of biology that studies plants.

Zoological Science: the branch of biology that studies animals.

Related Words

Microbiologist : ماہر خرد حیاتیات

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