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1) Bladder Cherry, Chinese Lantern Plant, Physalis Alkekengi, Winter Cherry : دیر پا کاشت کی جانے والی مسند گل : (noun) Old World perennial cultivated for its ornamental inflated papery orange-red calyx.

Useful Words

Jerusalem Cherry : جنوب امریکہ کا ایک پودا جس کے لال اور پیلے چیری کی طرح پھل ہوتے ہیں , Bird Cherry : ایک قسم کی چیری , Gean : جنگلی چیری , Common Bird Cherry : ایک یورپی چیری کا درخت , Acerola : حیاتین سی سے لبریز امریکی چیری کی طرح ایک پھل , Drupe : گٹھلی دار پھل , Prunus Cuneata : ریگ چیری کا پھل , Honesty : ایک پودا , Bladderlike : مثانہ نما , Cholecystitis : پتے کی سوزش , Cystitis : ورم مثانہ , Abdominovesical : پیٹ اور مثانے سے متعلق , Urinary Retention : پیشاب کی بندش , Acute Pyelonephritis : مثانے کی بیماری , Carrot : گاجر , Cystic : مثانوی , Cholecystectomy : جراحی سے پتے کو نکال دینا , Coralbells : لال پردار پھول والا پودا , Ureter : وہ نالی جو گردے سے پیشاب کو مثانے میں منتقل کرتی ہے , Dipnoi : ایک خاص قسم کی مچھلی جو گلپھڑے استعمال کیے بغیر بھی سانس لے سکتی ہے , Balloon Vine : غبارے کا پودا , Alpha Blocker : ایک قسم کی دوائی , Involuntary Muscle : ہموار عضلہ , Autumn Pumpkin : کدو , Cranberry : سرخ گوندنی , Urologist : ماہرعلم البول , Moringa : سوہانجنا , Gingko : چینی درخت پنکھے کے جیسے پتوں والا , Common Laburnum : جھالردار پھولوں والا آرائشی پودا , Citrus Tangelo : فلوریڈا میں پایا جانے والا پھل , Adenanthera Pavonina : سرخ صندل کا درخت

Useful Words Definitions

Jerusalem Cherry: small South American shrub cultivated as a houseplant for its abundant ornamental but poisonous red or yellow cherry-sized fruit.

Bird Cherry: any of several small-fruited cherry trees frequented or fed on by birds.

Gean: wild or seedling sweet cherry used as stock for grafting.

Common Bird Cherry: small European cherry tree closely resembling the American chokecherry.

Acerola: acid red or yellow cherry-like fruit of a tropical American shrub very rich in vitamin C.

Drupe: fleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed: e.g. almond; peach; plum; cherry; elderberry; olive; jujube.

Prunus Cuneata: small straggling American cherry growing on sandy soil and having minute scarcely edible purplish-black fruit.

Honesty: southeastern European plant cultivated for its fragrant purplish flowers and round flat papery silver-white seedpods that are used for indoor decoration.

Bladderlike: resembling a bladder.

Cholecystitis: inflammation of the gall bladder.

Cystitis: inflammation of the urinary bladder and ureters.

Abdominovesical: of or relating to the abdomen and the urinary bladder.

Urinary Retention: holding urine in the urinary bladder.

Acute Pyelonephritis: pyelonephritis resulting from the spread of a bladder infection.

Carrot: deep orange edible root of the cultivated carrot plant.

Cystic: of or relating to a normal cyst (as the gallbladder or urinary bladder).

Cholecystectomy: surgical removal of the gall bladder (usually for relief of gallstone pain).

Coralbells: perennial plant of the western United States having bright red flowers in feathery spikes; used as an ornamental.

Ureter: either of a pair of thick-walled tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder.

Dipnoi: bony fishes of the southern hemisphere that breathe by a modified air bladder as well as gills; sometimes classified as an order of Crossopterygii.

Balloon Vine: woody perennial climbing plant with large ornamental seed pods that resemble balloons; tropical India and Africa and America.

Alpha Blocker: any of various drugs that block alpha-adrenergic receptors; used in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia; relaxes the muscles of the prostate and bladder.

Involuntary Muscle: a muscle that contracts without conscious control and found in walls of internal organs such as stomach and intestine and bladder and blood vessels (excluding the heart).

Autumn Pumpkin: a coarse vine widely cultivated for its large pulpy round orange fruit with firm orange skin and numerous seeds; subspecies of Cucurbita pepo include the summer squashes and a few autumn squashes.

Cranberry: very tart red berry used for sauce or juice.

Cranberry benefits : cranberry good for urine infection and UTI, cranberry good for kidneys, cranberry sachet in used in bladder infections.

Urologist: a medical specialist who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the urinary system and the male reproductive system. This includes the kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra, and male reproductive organs such as the testes, prostate.

Moringa: Moringa is a plant that is commonly referred to as the "Moringa oleifera" or the "drumstick tree." It is native to parts of South Asia and is now widely cultivated in various tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Moringa tree has many health benefits.

Gingko: deciduous dioecious Chinese tree having fan-shaped leaves and fleshy yellow seeds; exists almost exclusively in cultivation especially as an ornamental street tree.

Common Laburnum: an ornamental shrub or tree of the genus Laburnum; often cultivated for Easter decorations.

Citrus Tangelo: hybrid between grapefruit and mandarin orange; cultivated especially in Florida.

Adenanthera Pavonina: East Indian tree with racemes of yellow-white flowers; cultivated as an ornamental.

Close Words

Bladder : مثانہ , Bladder Ketmia : گھنٹے بھر کا پھول , Bladdernose : بحری ہاتھی

Close Words Definitions

Bladder: a distensible membranous sac (usually containing liquid or gas).

Bladder Ketmia: annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers; Old World tropics; naturalized as a weed in North America.

Bladdernose: medium-sized blackish-grey seal with large inflatable sac on the head; of Arctic and northern Atlantic waters.

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