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1 of 3) Blessed, Blest : مبارک : (adjective) highly favored or fortunate (as e.g. by divine grace).

The blessed month has started.
Blessed friday.+ More

2 of 3) Blessed : مقدس : (satellite adjective) worthy of worship.

3 of 3) Blessed, Blame, Blamed, Blasted, Damn, Damned, Darned, Deuced, Goddam, Goddamn, Goddamned, Infernal : بے حد, انتہائی, انتہائی درجہ کا : (satellite adjective) expletives used conversationally as intensives.

Useful Words

Blessedly : برکت و رحمت کے ساتھ , Privileged : مقدم , Holy Water : پادری کا دم کیا ہوا پانی , Houri : جنت کی حور , Heaven-Sent : معجزانہ , Chrism : مقدس تیل , Monophysitism : یک فطریت , Best Of All : خوش قسمتی سے , Better Off : زیادہ خوشحال , Comfortable : دولت مند , Blame : الزام دینا , Gracelessly : بھدے طریقے سے , At Fault : قصور وار , Graceless : بہونڈا , Accuser : الزام عائد کرنے والا , Wooden : بےکار , Criminative : الزامی , Clumsy : بے ڈھنگا , Bounderish : گنوار , Off The Hook : بری کرنا , Rebuker : سرزنش کرنے والا , Blameless : بے قصور , Exoneration : الزام سے مستثنی ہونے کی حالت , Pretty : دلکش , Culture : ثقافت , A-List : پسندیدہ لوگوں کی فہرست , Deadly Sin : ناقابل معاف گناہ , Culpably : قابل سزا انداز سے , Accuse : الزام دینا , Blamable : قابل گرفت , Awkward : اناڑی

Useful Words Definitions

Blessedly: in a blessed manner.

Privileged: blessed with privileges.

Holy Water: water that has been blessed by a priest for use in symbolic purification.

Houri: (Islam) one of the dark-eyed virgins of perfect beauty believed to live with the blessed in Paradise.

Heaven-Sent: peculiarly fortunate or appropriate; as if by divine intervention.

Chrism: Holy oil typically refers to an anointing oil used in religious rituals and ceremonies. It may be consecrated or blessed and holds symbolic significance in various religious traditions for spiritual purposes..

Monophysitism: a Christian heresy of the 5th and 6th centuries that challenged the orthodox definition of the two natures (human and divine) in Jesus and instead believed there was a single divine nature.

Best Of All: especially fortunate.

Better Off: in a more fortunate or prosperous condition.

Comfortable: in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich.

Blame: put or pin the blame on.

Gracelessly: without grace; rigidly.

At Fault: deserving blame.

Graceless: lacking grace; clumsy.

Accuser: someone who imputes guilt or blame.

Wooden: lacking ease or grace.

Criminative: charging or suggestive of guilt or blame.

Clumsy: lacking grace in movement or posture.

Bounderish: (of persons) lacking in refinement or grace.

Off The Hook: freed from danger or blame or obligation.

Rebuker: someone who finds fault or imputes blame.

Blameless: free of guilt; not subject to blame.

Exoneration: the condition of being relieved from blame or obligation.

Pretty: pleasing by delicacy or grace; not imposing.

Culture: the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group.

A-List: a list of names of specially favored people.

Deadly Sin: an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace.

Culpably: in a manner or to a degree deserving blame or censure.

Accuse: blame for, make a claim of wrongdoing or misbehavior against.

Blamable: deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious.

Awkward: lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance.

Related Words

Cursed : لعنتی , Holy : خدائی

Close Words

Blessed Thistle : اونٹ کٹارا , Blessed Trinity : تثلیث , Blessed Virgin : حضرت مریم علیھا سلام , Blessedness : انتہائی خوشی

Close Words Definitions

Blessed Thistle: tall Old World biennial thistle with large clasping white-blotched leaves and purple flower heads; naturalized in California and South America.

Blessed Trinity: the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead.

Blessed Virgin: the mother of Jesus; Christians refer to her as the Virgin Mary; she is especially honored by Roman Catholics.

Blessedness: a state of supreme happiness.

Blessed in Book Titles

Blessed: A Book of Devotion and Inspiration.
Bless and Be Blessed: How Your Words Can Make a Difference.
Blessed with Bipolar.
Blue Heart Blessed.

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