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Blistering   Meaning in Urdu

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1. Blistering - Vesication - Vesiculation : آبلہ انگیزی : (noun) the formation of vesicles in or beneath the skin.

2. Blistering - Acerb - Acerbic - Acid - Acrid - Bitter - Caustic - Sulfurous - Sulphurous - Virulent - Vitriolic : تلخی - کڑوا : harsh or corrosive in tone.

Blistering criticism.

Unpleasant - disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings.

3. Blistering - Hot - Red-Hot : بہت تیز : very fast; capable of quick response and great speed.

A blistering pace.

Fast - acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly.

Useful Words

At A Lower Place - Below - Beneath - To A Lower Place : نیچے : in or to a place that is lower.

Corrosive : تباہ کن : spitefully sarcastic. "Corrosive cristism"

Constitution - Establishment - Formation - Organisation - Organization : قیام : the act of forming or establishing something. "The constitution of a PTA group last year"

Harsh - Rough : سخت : unpleasantly stern. "Wild and harsh country full of hot sand and cactus"

Peel - Skin : چھلکا : the rind of a fruit or vegetable. "Remove the skin"

Chant - Intone - Tone : گانا : utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically. "The students chanted the same slogan over and over again"

Cyst - Vesicle : دانہ : a small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid). "The cyst on his face was the size of a pea"

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