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1/3) Khoon خون : Blood : (noun) the fluid (red in vertebrates) that is pumped through the body by the heart and contains plasma, blood cells, and platelets.

The blood came out.
My blood is up.+ More

Related : Vertebrate : animals having a bony or cartilaginous skeleton with a segmented spinal column and a large brain enclosed in a skull or cranium.


2/3) Lafanga لفنگا Tapori ٹپوری : Profligate Rake Rakehell Rip Roue Blood : (noun) a dissolute man in fashionable society.

Related : Rounder : a dissolute person; usually a man who is morally unrestrained.

3/3) Nasal نسل Khandan خاندان Aulad اولاد : Ancestry Blood Line Bloodline Descent Line Line Of Descent Lineage Origin Parentage Pedigree Stemma Stock Blood : (noun) the descendants of one individual.

Bloodline of prophet.

Related : Sept : people descended from a common ancestor.

Blood in Book Titles

Clive Barker`s Books of Blood.
Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry.
Children of Blood and BoneReform Of The Rake.

Useful Words

Body Organic Structure Physical Structure : Jisim جسم : the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being). "He felt as if his whole body were on fire"

Comprise Contain Incorporate : Shamil Karna شامل کرنا : include or contain; have as a component. "A totally new idea is comprised in this paper"

Debauched Degenerate Degraded Dissipated Dissolute Fast Libertine Profligate Riotous : Bad Calan بد چلن : unrestrained by convention or morality. "Riotous woman"

Fashionable Stylish : Raij Alwaqt رائج الوقت : being or in accordance with current social fashions. "Fashionable clothing"

Fluid Unstable : Dagar Goun دگرگوں : subject to change; variable. "A fluid situation fraught with uncertainty"

Adult Male Man : Aadmi آدمی : an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman). "Be a man"

Blood Platelet Platelet Thrombocyte : Kun Ko Garha Rakhny Wala Qudrati Madda خون کو گاڑھا رکھنے والا قدرتی مادہ : tiny bits of protoplasm found in vertebrate blood; essential for blood clotting.

Pumped Pumped Up Pumped-Up Wired : Pur Josh پر جوش : tense with excitement and enthusiasm as from a rush of adrenaline. "We were really pumped up for the race"

Blood-Red Carmine Cerise Cherry Cherry-Red Crimson Red Reddish Ruby Ruby-Red Ruddy Scarlet : Surkhi Mael سرخی مائل : of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies.

Society : Mashrah معاشرہ : an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization. "The society has changd"

Through : Shuru Se Aakhir Tak شروع سے آخر تک : from beginning to end. "Read this book through"

Craniate Vertebrate : Khopri Wala Janwar کھوپڑی والا جانور : animals having a bony or cartilaginous skeleton with a segmented spinal column and a large brain enclosed in a skull or cranium.