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1 of 4) Blossom, Bloom, Flower : پودے کا کھلا ہوا حصہ : (noun) reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts.

Blossom of flowers in garden.

2 of 4) Blossom, Bloom, Flower : کھلنا, پھولوں کا کھلنا : (verb) produce or yield flowers.

3 of 4) Blossom, Bloom, Efflorescence, Flower, Flush, Heyday, Peak, Prime : خوشحالی, آسودگی کا دور : (noun) the period of greatest prosperity or productivity.

4 of 4) Blossom, Blossom Forth, Blossom Out, Unfold : داخل ہونا : (verb) develop or come to a promising stage.

Youth blossomed into maturity.

Useful Words

Artificial Flower : دستی پھول , Stamen : پہول کا نر حصہ , Ovary : رحم , Vegetable : سبزی , Gynaecologist : ماہر امراض نسواں , Interstice : اعضاء کے درمیان خلا , Tulip : نرگس کا پہول , Adnexa : جوڑ , Helianthus : سورج مکھی , Foliage : پتا , Egg : انڈا , Clematis : تلسی بیل , Agapanthus : مصری سوسن , Daisy : ایک قسم کا پہول , Paeony : ایک قسم کا پہول دار پودا , Senna : ایک پھلی دار پودا , Urologist : ماہرعلم البول , Daffodil : نرگس کا پودا , Marigold : گیندے کا پہول , Achillea : سفید پھولوں والا یورپی پودا , Verbena : ساگون پہول , Aciculate : خاردار , Breadbasket : معدہ , Ray Floret : ایک قسم کا پہول , Colorless : بے رنگا , Adornment : بناو سنگھار , Complex Conjugate : مساوی عدد , Subdivider : ذیلی تقسیم کار , Western : مغربی , Butterfly : تتلی , Barker : خریدار کو آواز سے متوجہ کرنے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Artificial Flower: a handmade imitation of a blossom.

Stamen: the male reproductive organ of a flower.

Ovary: the organ that bears the ovules of a flower.

Vegetable: any of various herbaceous plants cultivated for an edible part such as the fruit or the root of the beet or the leaf of spinach or the seeds of bean plants or the flower buds of broccoli or cauliflower.

Gynaecologist: A gynecologist is a healthcare professional who specializes in women`s reproductive health and medical conditions related to the female reproductive system.

Interstice: a small structural space between tissues or parts of an organ.

Tulip: any of numerous perennial bulbous herbs having linear or broadly lanceolate leaves and usually a single showy flower.

Adnexa: accessory or adjoining anatomical parts or appendages to an organ (especially of the embryo).

Helianthus: any plant of the genus Helianthus having large flower heads with dark disk florets and showy yellow rays.

Foliage: the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants.

Egg: animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds.

Clematis: any of various ornamental climbing plants of the genus Clematis usually having showy flowers.

Agapanthus: any of various plants of the genus Agapanthus having umbels of showy blue to purple flowers.

Daisy: any of numerous composite plants having flower heads with well-developed ray flowers usually arranged in a single whorl.

Paeony: any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers.

Senna: any of various plants of the genus Senna having pinnately compound leaves and showy usually yellow flowers; many are used medicinally.

Urologist: a medical specialist who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the urinary system and the male reproductive system. This includes the kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra, and male reproductive organs such as the testes, prostate.

Daffodil: any of numerous varieties of Narcissus plants having showy often yellow flowers with a trumpet-shaped central crown.

Marigold: any of various tropical American plants of the genus Tagetes widely cultivated for their showy yellow or orange flowers.

Achillea: any of several plants of the genus Achillea native to Europe and having small white flowers in flat-topped flower heads.

Verbena: any of numerous tropical or subtropical American plants of the genus Verbena grown for their showy spikes of variously colored flowers.

Aciculate: related to plants or animals or crystals having aciculae or needlelike parts.

Breadbasket: an enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion.

Ray Floret: small flower with a flat strap-shaped corolla usually occupying the peripheral rings of a composite flower.

Colorless: weak in color; not colorful.

Adornment: the action of decorating yourself with something colorful and interesting.

Complex Conjugate: either of two complex numbers whose real parts are identical and whose imaginary parts differ only in sign.

Subdivider: someone who divides parts into smaller parts (especially a divider of land into building sites).

Western: relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts.

Butterfly: diurnal insect typically having a slender body with knobbed antennae and broad colorful wings.

Barker: someone who stands in front of a show (as at a carnival) and gives a loud colorful sales talk to potential customers.

Related Words

Bud : کھلتا پہول , Period : مدت , Burst Forth : پہول کھلنا

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