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Body Guard meaning in Urdu

Body Guard Definitions

1) Body Guard : محافظ : (verb) accompany and protect from physical harm.


Useful Words

Security Guard : پہرے دار , Admonish : تنبیہ کرنا , Housedog : حفاظتی کتا , Guard Dog : گھر اور جائیداد کی حفاظت کرنے والا کتا , Unguarded : غیر محفوظ , Beware : ہوشیار رہنا , Sheep Dog : بھیڑوں کی رکہوالی کرنے والا کتا , Moral Hazard : بیمہ دار کی ممکنہ بد دیانتی پر مبنی بیمہ کمپنی کو خطرہ , Splint : ایک یا زیادہ کھپچیاں لگا کر کسی شے کو سہارا دینا , Blade : تلوار , P.O. : پیٹی افسر , Mastiff : ایک قسم کا کتا , Disembody : جسمانیت سے محروم کرنا , Traumatic : زخم سے متعلق , Stress : دباو , Guard : بچانا , Screen : خطرے سے محفوظ کرنا , Harm : زخم , Strain : دباو , Conserve : محفوظ رکھنا , Limber Up : جسم گرم کرنا , Dibbuk : یہودی عقیدے کے مطابق زندہ شخص میں داخل ہو نے والی مردہ شخص کی روح , Lagoon : جھیل نما , Adduction : کھنچنے کا عمل , Centrifugal Force : مرکز گریز قوت , Abduction : عضو کا جگہ سے ہٹنا , Absorption Factor : جذب کرنے کی صلاحیت , Centripetal Force : مرکز مائل قوت , Lieutenant Jg : نچلے درجے کا لیفٹیننٹ , Metabolic Acidosis : جسمانی کیمیائی تیزابیت , Assault : وار

Useful Words Definitions

Security Guard: a guard who keeps watch.

Admonish: warn strongly; put on guard.

Housedog: a dog trained to guard a house.

Guard Dog: a dog trained to guard property.

Unguarded: lacking protection or a guard.

Beware: be on one`s guard; be cautious or wary about; be alert to.

Sheep Dog: any of various usually long-haired breeds of dog reared to herd and guard sheep.

Moral Hazard: (economics) the lack of any incentive to guard against a risk when you are protected against it (as by insurance).

Splint: an orthopedic mechanical device used to immobilize and protect a part of the body (as a broken leg).

Blade: a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard.

P.O.: a noncommissioned officer in the Navy or Coast Guard with a rank comparable to sergeant in the Army.

Mastiff: an old breed of powerful deep-chested smooth-coated dog used chiefly as a watchdog and guard dog.

Disembody: free from a body or physical form or reality.

Traumatic: of or relating to a physical injury or wound to the body.

Stress: (physics) force that produces strain on a physical body.

Guard: watch over or shield from danger or harm; protect.

Screen: protect, hide, or conceal from danger or harm.

Harm: any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc..

Strain: (physics) deformation of a physical body under the action of applied forces.

Conserve: keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction.

Limber Up: make one's body limber or suppler by stretching, as if to prepare for strenuous physical activity.

Dibbuk: (Jewish folklore) a demon that enters the body of a living person and controls that body`s behavior.

Lagoon: a body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef of sand or coral.

Adduction: (physiology) moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body.

Centrifugal Force: the outward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body.

Abduction: (physiology) moving of a body part away from the central axis of the body.

Absorption Factor: (physics) the property of a body that determines the fraction of the incident radiation or sound flux absorbed or absorbable by the body.

Centripetal Force: the inward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body.

Lieutenant Jg: an officer holding a commissioned rank in the United States Navy or United States Coast Guard; below lieutenant and above ensign.

Metabolic Acidosis: acidosis and bicarbonate concentration in the body fluids resulting either from the accumulation of acids or the abnormal loss of bases from the body (as in diarrhea or renal disease).

Assault: a threatened or attempted physical attack by someone who appears to be able to cause bodily harm if not stopped.

Related Words

Protect : محفوظ رکھنا

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