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بہت زیادہ مصروف : Bohat Zyada Masroof Meaning in English

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Bohat Zyada Masroof in Detail

1) Heavily Traveled : بہت زیادہ مصروف Bohat Zyada Masroof : subject to much traffic or travel.

Useful Words

Ek Jaga Se Dusr... : Travel : the act of going from one place to another. "The Sharif brothers launched the orange train in Lahore to make it easier for people to travel"

Muzo : Subject : some situation or event that is thought about. "He kept drifting off the topic"

Taleem Ka Shuba Mazmon : Subject : a branch of knowledge. "In what discipline is his doctorate?"

Muzo : Subject : the subject matter of a conversation or discussion. "Today`s theme is how God`s law enforced on earth"

Hawai Safar : Travel : a movement through space that changes the location of something.

Raah Rooi Traffic : Traffic : the aggregation of things (pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in a particular locality during a specified period of time. "I stuck in traffic"

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