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Bookbinder meaning in Urdu

Bookbinder Definitions

1) Bookbinder : جلد ساز : (noun) a worker whose trade is binding books.


Useful Words

Lacer : ڈوری وغیرہ سے سینے والا , Shelver : طاق میں رکھنے والا , Trade Unionist : مزدوروں کی انجمن قائم کرنے کا حامی , Artificer : دست کار , Bookmaker : کتاب ساز , Law Of Moses : شریعت موسوی , Book Seller : کتابیں فروخت کرنے والا , Ligature : باندھنے کا عمل , Bandage : مرہم پٹی کرنا , Null : بے حیثیت , Acknowledge : تسلیم کرنا , Assurance : ضمانت , Incumbent : لازمی , Allegiance : بیعت , Obligatory : فرض , Contract : میثاق , Affinity : کیمیائی کشش , Contractual : معاہدے سے متعلق , Costive : قبض والا , Tape : باندھنے کے کام آنے والا فیتہ , Code Of Behavior : ضابطہ , Library : کتب خانہ , Bibliotheca : کتاب گھر , Bookshelf : کتابوں کا خانہ , Bibliophile : کتابیں جمع کرنے کا شوقین , Bookshop : کتاب بیچنے کی جگہ , Hit The Books : مطالعہ کرنا , Circulating Library : گشتی کتب خانہ , Bindery : جلد سازی کی جگہ , Shoveler : بیلچہ چلانے والا , Wiper : صاف کرنے والا شخص

Useful Words Definitions

Lacer: a workman who laces shoes or footballs or books (during binding).

Shelver: a worker who puts things (as books) on shelves.

Trade Unionist: a worker who belongs to a trade union.

Artificer: a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft.

Bookmaker: a maker of books; someone who edits or publishes or binds books.

Law Of Moses: the laws (beginning with the Ten Commandments) that God gave to the Israelites through Moses; it includes many rules of religious observance given in the first five books of the Old Testament (in Judaism these books are called the Torah).

Book Seller: a dealer in books; a merchant who sells books.

Ligature: the act of tying or binding things together.

Bandage: dress by covering or binding.

Null: lacking any legal or binding force.

Acknowledge: accept as legally binding and valid.

Assurance: a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something.

Incumbent: necessary (for someone) as a duty or responsibility; morally binding.

Allegiance: the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action.

Obligatory: morally or legally constraining or binding.

Contract: a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law.

Affinity: the force attracting atoms to each other and binding them together in a molecule.

Contractual: relating to or part of a binding legal agreement.

Costive: retarding evacuation of feces; binding; constipating.

Tape: a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening.

Code Of Behavior: a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group.

Library: a room where books are kept.

Bibliotheca: a collection of books.

Bookshelf: a shelf on which to keep books.

Bibliophile: someone who loves (and usually collects) books.

Bookshop: a shop where books are sold.

Hit The Books: learn by reading books.

Circulating Library: library that provides books for use outside the building.

Bindery: a workshop where books are bound.

Shoveler: a worker who shovels.

Wiper: a worker who wipes.

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