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Bore meaning in Urdu

Bore Sentences

He bore himself with dignity.
The apple tree bore delicious apples this year.

Bore Synonyms


Bore Definitions

1 of 17) Bore, Abide, Bear, Brook, Digest, Endure, Put Up, Stand, Stick Out, Stomach, Suffer, Support, Tolerate : سہنا, جھیلنا, برداشت کرنا : (verb) put up with something or somebody unpleasant.

2 of 17) Bore, Bear : ریچھ, بھالو : (noun) massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws.

3 of 17) Bore, Dullard : بور کر دینے والا شخص : (noun) a person who evokes boredom.

4 of 17) Bore, Tire : بور کرنا : (verb) cause to be bored.

5 of 17) Bore, Aegir, Eager, Eagre, Tidal Bore : بڑی اور خطرناک لہر : (noun) a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary).

6 of 17) Bore, Bear, Birth, Deliver, Give Birth, Have : جنا, جننا : (verb) cause to be born.

7 of 17) Bore, Drill : چھیدنا, سوراخ کرنا کسی سخت اوزار کے ساتھ : (verb) make a hole, especially with a pointed power or hand tool.

8 of 17) Bore, Caliber, Calibre, Gauge : بندوق کی نالی کے اندر کا قطر : (noun) diameter of a tube or gun barrel.

9 of 17) Bore, Bore-Hole, Drill Hole : سوراخ : (noun) a hole or passage made by a drill; usually made for exploratory purposes.

10 of 17) Bore, Bear : لے کر چلنا : (verb) move while holding up or supporting.

11 of 17) Bore, Bear, Turn Out : دینا : (verb) bring forth,.

The unidentified plant bore gorgeous flowers.

12 of 17) Bore, Accept, Assume, Bear, Take Over : دوسرے کا بوجھ اٹھانا : (verb) take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person.

13 of 17) Bore, Bear, Carry, Contain, Hold : اپنے اندر رکھنا : (verb) contain or hold; have within.

14 of 17) Bore, Acquit, Bear, Behave, Carry, Comport, Conduct, Deport : اصلاح کرنا : (verb) behave in a certain manner.

15 of 17) Bore, Bear, Hold : پاس رکھنا : (verb) have rightfully; of rights, titles, and offices.

16 of 17) Bore, Bear, Carry, Hold : کسی انداز میں رکھنا : (verb) support or hold in a certain manner.

Useful Words

Apple Maggot : سیب کا کیڑا , Sax : سیکسو فون ایک قسم کا باجا , Rifle : بندوق , .22 Caliber : بائیس ملی میٹر قطر کا , .45 Caliber : پینتالیس ملی میٹر قطر کا , .38 Caliber : اڑتیس ملی میٹر قطر کا , Hautbois : شہنائی , Carry : اٹھانا , Brooklet : کتابچہ , Compliant : فرمانبردار , Arroyo : ندی , Fruit : پھل لادنا , Bear-Sized : ریچ کی طرح بڑا , Hold Still For : برداشت کرنا , Carry : اگانا , Defray : رقم ادا کرنا , Hard : کڑا , Application : استعمال , Bitter : ناقابل برداشت , Resemble : مشابہ ہونا , Correlate : باہمی رشتہ رکھنا , Ice Bear : بڑا ریچھ , Brown Bear : بڑا خونخوار ریچھ , Grudge : حسد کرنا , Pay : سزا بھگتنا , Heraldry : مسلحہ ہونے کی علامت , Pay : سزا بھگتنا , Rose : گلاب , Beastly : ناگوار , Unhappily : رنج و الم کے ساتھ , Unsightly : بدنما

Useful Words Definitions

Apple Maggot: larvae bore into and feed on apples.

Sax: a single-reed woodwind with a conical bore.

Rifle: a shoulder firearm with a long barrel and a rifled bore.

.22 Caliber: of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures twenty-two hundredths of an inch in diameter.

.45 Caliber: of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures forty-five hundredths of an inch in diameter.

.38 Caliber: of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures thirty-eight hundredths of an inch in diameter.

Hautbois: a slender double-reed instrument; a woodwind with a conical bore and a double-reed mouthpiece.

Carry: bear or be able to bear the weight, pressure,or responsibility of.

Brooklet: a small brook.

Compliant: inclined or willing to abide by.

Arroyo: a stream or brook.

Fruit: bear fruit.

Bear-Sized: large as a bear.

Hold Still For: tolerate or bear.

Carry: bear (a crop).

Defray: bear the expenses of.

Hard: unfortunate or hard to bear.

Application: the act of bringing something to bear; using it for a particular purpose.

Bitter: very difficult to accept or bear.

Resemble: appear like; be similar or bear a likeness to.

Correlate: to bear a reciprocal or mutual relation.

Ice Bear: white bear of Arctic regions.

Brown Bear: large ferocious bear of Eurasia.

Grudge: bear a grudge; harbor ill feelings.

Pay: bear (a cost or penalty), in recompense for some action.

Heraldry: emblem indicating the right of a person to bear arms.

Pay: bear (a cost or penalty), in recompense for some action.

Rose: any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses.

Beastly: very unpleasant.

Unhappily: in an unpleasant way.

Unsightly: unpleasant to look at.

Related Words

Carnivore : خشکی کے گوشت خور جانور , Family Ursidae : بھالو اور اس کی معدوم قسم سے متعلق , Diam : دائرے کے درمیان سے گزرنے والا خط , Gasbag : بیتکی گفتگو کرنے والا , Conceive : حاملہ ہونا , Twin : دو بچے پیدا کرنا , Drop : جانور وغیرہ کا بچا ہونا , Cub : کسی درندے کا بچہ جننا , Pup : پیدائش , Farrow : پیدا ہونا , Expect : بچہ ہونے کی توقع کرنا , Accept : برداشت کرنا , Bear Up : ثابت قدم رہنا , Allow : اجازت دینا , Carry : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ لے جانا , Cut : کاٹنا , Piggyback : کندہوں پر لٹکا ہوا , Create : پیدا کرنا , Crop : اگانا , Displace : چیز کو ایک جگہ سے ہٹانا , Have : پاس ہونا

Close Words

Boreal : شمالی , Boreas : شمالی ہوا , Borecole : کرم کلہ , Bored : دنیا سے بیزار , Boredom : بوریت

Close Words Definitions

Boreal: toward or located in the north.

Boreas: a wind that blows from the north.

Borecole: a hardy cabbage with coarse curly leaves that do not form a head.

Bored: tired of the world.

Boredom: the feeling of being bored by something tedious.

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