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Bracketed Blenny meaning in Urdu

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Bracketed Blenny Definitions

1) Bracketed Blenny, Gunnel : ایک قسم کی مچھلی : (noun) small eellike fishes common in shallow waters of the northern Atlantic.


Useful Words

Herring : مچھلی کا گوشت , Launce : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Halibut : چپٹی بڑی مچھلی , Scup : ٹھنڈے پانی میں پائی جانے والی مچھلی کا گوشت , Salmon : سمندر اور میٹھے پانی کی خوردنی مچھلی , Bladdernose : بحری ہاتھی , Harbor Porpoise : مچھلی , Common Seal : پانی کی بلی دھبے والی , Adder : وائپر سانپ , Common Mackerel : اسقمری مچھلی , Punt : ایک قسم کی کشتی , Brama Raii : پاپلیٹ مچھلی , Carassius Auratus : سنہری مچھلی , Whiting : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Sparid : دیکھئے , Scup : بحر اوقیانوس میں پائی جانے والی مچھلی , Horse Mackerel : چھوٹی یورپی مچھلی , Tarpon : ترین مچھلی , Billfish : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Northern Porgy : شمالی امریکہ میں پائی جانے والی ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Porgy : گرم پانی میں پائی جانے والی مچھلی کا گوشت , Agonus Cataphractus : بحر اوقیانوس کی مچھلی , Citharichthys Cornutus : میکسیکو کی مچھلی , Saucer : طشتری کی شکل کا برتن , Catfish : کھپروں کے بغیر مچھلی , Dinghy : ایک قسم کی چھوٹی کشتی , Shadow Box : لکڑی کا ایک نمائشی ڈبہ جس کے سامنے کی جانب شیشہ لگا ہوتا ہے , Kogia Breviceps : ایک قسم کی ویل مچھلی , Torpedo Boat : جنگی کشتی , Cigarfish : ایک چھوٹی مچھلی , Broom : جامنی پھول والی جھاڑی

Useful Words Definitions

Herring: valuable flesh of fatty fish from shallow waters of northern Atlantic or Pacific; usually salted or pickled.

Launce: very small silvery eellike schooling fishes that burrow into sandy beaches.

Halibut: marine food fish of the northern Atlantic or northern Pacific; the largest flatfish and one of the largest teleost fishes.

Scup: flesh of fish found in colder waters of northern Atlantic coast of the United States.

Salmon: any of various large food and game fishes of northern waters; usually migrate from salt to fresh water to spawn.

Bladdernose: medium-sized blackish-grey seal with large inflatable sac on the head; of Arctic and northern Atlantic waters.

Harbor Porpoise: the common porpoise of the northern Atlantic and Pacific.

Common Seal: small spotted seal of coastal waters of the northern hemisphere.

Adder: small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia.

Common Mackerel: important food fish of the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean; its body is greenish-blue with dark bars and small if any scales.

Punt: an open flat-bottomed boat used in shallow waters and propelled by a long pole.

Brama Raii: deep-bodied sooty-black pelagic spiny-finned fish of the northern Atlantic and northern Pacific; valued for food.

Carassius Auratus: small golden or orange-red freshwater fishes of Eurasia used as pond or aquarium fishes.

Whiting: flesh of a cod-like fish of the Atlantic waters of Europe.

Sparid: spiny-finned food fishes of warm waters having well-developed teeth.

Scup: porgy of southern Atlantic coastal waters of North America.

Horse Mackerel: large elongated compressed food fish of the Atlantic waters of Europe.

Tarpon: large silvery game fish of warm Atlantic coastal waters especially off Florida.

Billfish: elongate European surface-dwelling predacious fishes with long toothed jaws; abundant in coastal waters.

Northern Porgy: found in Atlantic coastal waters of North America from South Carolina to Maine; esteemed as a panfish.

Porgy: lean flesh of fish found in warm waters of southern Atlantic coast of the United States.

Agonus Cataphractus: northern Atlantic sea poacher.

Citharichthys Cornutus: a whiff found in waters from the Bahamas and northern Gulf of Mexico to Brazil.

Saucer: a small shallow dish for holding a cup at the table.

Catfish: large ferocious northern deep-sea food fishes with strong teeth and no pelvic fins.

Dinghy: a small boat of shallow draft with cross thwarts for seats and rowlocks for oars with which it is propelled.

Shadow Box: a shallow rectangular box with a transparent front used to protect and display small items (jewelry, coins, etc.).

Kogia Breviceps: small sperm whale of warm waters of both coasts of North America.

Torpedo Boat: small high-speed warship designed for torpedo attacks in coastal waters.

Cigarfish: small fusiform fish of western Atlantic.

Broom: common Old World heath represented by many varieties; low evergreen grown widely in the northern hemisphere.

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