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Breast 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Breast Sentences

He beat his breast in anger.
Breast the storm.

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1/4) Sina سینہ Chati چھاتی : Chest Breast : (noun) the front of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen.

Related : External Body Part : any body part visible externally.

2/4) Pistan پستان Chati چھاتی : Boob Bosom Knocker Tit Titty Breast : (noun) either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman.

3/4) Sar Karna سر کرنا : Summit Breast : (verb) reach the summit (of a mountain).

They breasted the mountain.

Related : Reach : reach a destination, either real or abstract.

4/4) Samna Karna سامنا کرنا : Front Breast : (verb) confront bodily.

Related : Face : oppose, as in hostility or a competition.

Useful Words

Abdomen Belly Stomach Venter : Batan بٹن : the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis. "Eat less, or your stomach will get upset"

Chest Pectus Thorax : Chati چھاتی : the part of the human torso between the neck and the diaphragm or the corresponding part in other vertebrates. "I have had pain in my chest"

Either : Bhi بھی : after a negative statement used as an intensive meaning something like `likewise` or `also`. "He isn`t stupid, but he isn`t exactly a genius either"

Fleshy Heavy Overweight : Bhari Wazan Wala Aadmi بھاری وزن والا آدمی : usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it.

Front Presence : Samnay سامنے : the immediate proximity of someone or something. "Get out of my front"

Milk : Doodh دودھ : a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings. "Get the milk"

Cervix Neck : Gardan گردن : the part of an organism (human or animal) that connects the head to the rest of the body. "I will wring your neck"

Organ : Azu عضو : a fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function.

Soft : Naram نرم : yielding readily to pressure or weight.

Proboscis Trunk : Sund سونڈ : a long flexible snout as of an elephant.

2 Deuce Ii Two : Do دو : the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number. "It takes two to make a quarrel"

Adult Female Woman : Zan زن : an adult female person (as opposed to a man). "A woman is made to be respected"