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Bridal Gown meaning in Urdu

Bridal Gown Synonyms

Bridal Gown Definitions

1) Bridal Gown, Wedding Dress, Wedding Gown : دلہن کا گاون : (noun) a gown worn by the bride at a wedding.


Useful Words

Academic Gown : جج کا عبا , Vestment : چوغہ نما لباس جو پادری استعمال کرتے ہیں , Groomsmen : دولہا والے , Housecoat : عورت کا ڈھیلا ڈھالا لباس , Bridal : شادی سے متعلق , Mantua : ڈھیلا لبادہ جو سترہویں اور اٹھارویں صدیوں میں پہنا جاتا تھا , Bridesmaid : دلہن کا خیال رکھنے والی لڑکی , Wedding Picture : شادی کی تصویر , Wedding Band : شادی کی انگوٹھی , Matron Of Honor : شادی شدہ عورت , Wedding Day : شادی کا دن , Bridal : سہاگ , Hymeneal : شادی سے متعلق , Best Man : دولھا کا خاص ساتھی شادی کے موقع پر , Wedding March : برات کے ساتھ چلنے والا جلوس , Groomsman : دولھے کی طرف کا مرد , Officiate : فرائض انجام دینا , Flower Girl : بارات پر پھول نچھاور کرنے والی لڑکی , Kirtle : عورتوں کا چوغا , Costume : کھیل کا خاص لباس , Jumper : بغیر آستینوں کا لباس , Weeds : کالا ماتمی لباس , Cummerbund : پیٹی , Bustier : رات کو پہنا جا نے والا عورتوں کا مختصر لباس , Sporran : ایک مردانہ تھیلا , Saree : ہندوستانی لباس , Gown : گاوٴن , Kilt : گھاگھرا , Bridal : دلہن کا , War Bride : جنگجو کی دلہن , Trousseau : دلہن کا لباس

Useful Words Definitions

Academic Gown: a gown worn by academics or judges.

Vestment: gown (especially ceremonial garments) worn by the clergy.

Groomsmen : Groomsmen are individuals who are chosen by the groom to be a part of his wedding party. They are typically close friends, relatives, or brothers of the groom. The role of groomsmen is to support and assist the groom throughout the wedding planning process and on the wedding day itself.

Housecoat: a loose dressing gown for women.

Bridal: archaic terms for a wedding or wedding feast.

Mantua: loose gown of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Bridesmaid: an unmarried woman who attends the bride at a wedding.

Wedding Picture: photographs of bride and groom and their friends taken at their wedding.

Wedding Band: a ring (usually plain gold) given to the bride (and sometimes one is also given to the groom) at the wedding.

Matron Of Honor: a married woman serving as the attendant to the bride at a wedding.

Wedding Day: the day of a wedding.

Bridal: of or relating to a wedding.

Hymeneal: of or relating to a wedding or marriage.

Best Man: the principal groomsman at a wedding.

Wedding March: a march to be played for a wedding procession.

Groomsman: a male attendant of the bridegroom at a wedding.

Officiate: act in an official capacity in a ceremony or religious ritual, such as a wedding.

Flower Girl: a young girl who carries flowers in a (wedding) procession.

Kirtle: a long dress worn by women.

Costume: the attire worn in a play or at a fancy dress ball.

Jumper: a sleeveless dress resembling an apron; worn over other clothing.

Weeds: a black garment (dress) worn by a widow as a sign of mourning.

Cummerbund: a broad pleated sash worn as formal dress with a tuxedo.

Bustier: a close-fitting and strapless top without sleeves that is worn by women either as lingerie or for evening dress.

Sporran: a fur or leather pouch worn at the front of the kilt as part of the traditional dress of Scottish Highlanders.

Saree: a dress worn primarily by Hindu women; consists of several yards of light material that is draped around the body.

Gown: a woman's dress, usually with a close-fitting bodice and a long flared skirt, often worn on formal occasions.

Kilt: a knee-length pleated tartan skirt worn by men as part of the traditional dress in the Highlands of northern Scotland.

Bridal: of or pertaining to a bride.

War Bride: bride of a serviceman during wartime.

Trousseau: the personal outfit of a bride; clothes and accessories and linens.

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