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Brightly meaning in Urdu

Brightly Synonyms

Brightly in Detail

1) Brightly, Bright, Brilliantly : چمک کے ساتھ : (adverb) with brightness.

Useful Words

Brightly-Colored, Brightly-Coloured : اجلے رنگ کا : having a bright color.

Brown, Brownness : خاکی رنگ : an orange of low brightness and saturation.

Tinsel : بھڑکیلا : impart a cheap brightness to. "His tinseled image of Hollywood".

Tragopan : ایک قسم کا پرندہ : brilliantly colored Asian pheasant having wattles and two fleshy processes on the head.

Drab, Sober, Somber, Sombre : تاریک : lacking brightness or color; dull. "Drab faded curtains".

Dazzle : رونق : brightness enough to blind partially and temporarily.

Pale, Pallid, Sick, Wan : مدھم : (of light) lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble. "The pale light of a half moon".

Scintillation, Sparkling, Twinkle : چمکنا : a rapid change in brightness; a brief spark or flash.

Light, Spark, Sparkle, Twinkle : چمک : merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance. "He had a sparkle in his eye".

Monochromacy, Monochromasy, Monochromatic Vision, Monochromatism, Monochromia : رنگوندہا پن : complete color blindness; colors can be differentiated only on the basis of brightness.

Blaze, Brilliance, Glare : چمک : a light within the field of vision that is brighter than the brightness to which the eyes are adapted. "A glare of sunlight".

Toucan : پھل کھانے والا پرندہ : brilliantly colored arboreal fruit-eating bird of tropical America having a very large thin-walled beak.

Faint, Weak : کمزور : deficient in magnitude; barely perceptible; lacking clarity or brightness or loudness etc. "A faint outline".

Butterfly Fish : رنگین مچھلی : small usually brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes having narrow deep bodies with large broad fins; found worldwide.

Macaw : ماکاو : long-tailed brilliantly colored parrot of Central America and South America; among the largest and showiest of parrots.

Blaze Up, Burn Up, Flame Up, Flare : چمکنا : burn brightly. "Every star seemed to flare with new intensity".

Coruscate, Scintillate, Sparkle : چمکنا : reflect brightly. "Unquarried marble sparkled on the hillside".

Blaze : جلنا : burn brightly and intensely. "The summer sun alone can cause a pine to blaze".

Brave, Braw, Gay : چنگھاڑتا : brightly colored and showy. "Girls decked out in brave new dresses".

Admiral : تتلی : any of several brightly colored butterflies.

Blaze : چمکنا : shine brightly and intensively. "Blaze of fire plant".

Flower Petal, Petal : پنکھ : part of the perianth that is usually brightly colored. "Pick up these flower petal".

Blaze, Blazing : آگ : a strong flame that burns brightly. "The blaze spread rapidly into the building".

Calico, Motley, Multi-Color, Multi-Colored, Multi-Colour, Multi-Coloured, Multicolor, Multicolored, Multicolour, Multicoloured, Painted, Particolored, Particoloured, Piebald, Pied, Varicolored, Varicoloured : مختلف رنگ والا : having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly. "A jester dressed in motley".

Touraco, Turaco, Turacou, Turakoo : تراکو : large brightly crested bird of Africa.

Tetra : ٹیٹرا مچھی : brightly colored tropical freshwater fishes.

Chintz : چھپائی والا کپڑا : a brightly printed and glazed cotton fabric.

Grass Finch, Grassfinch : آسٹریلوی پرندہ : usually brightly-colored Australian weaverbirds; often kept as cage birds.

Brush Kangaroo, Wallaby : کنگرو کی چھوٹی قسم : any of various small or medium-sized kangaroos; often brightly colored.

Underwing : پتنگا : moth having dull forewings and brightly colored hind wings.

Caterpillar : سنڈی : a wormlike and often brightly colored and hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly or moth.

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