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Brocaded meaning in Urdu

Brocaded Sentence

Brocaded silk.

Brocaded Synonyms

Brocaded Definitions

1) Brocaded, Embossed, Raised : کڑھا ہوا : (satellite adjective) embellished with a raised pattern created by pressure or embroidery.


Useful Words

Welt : چنٹ , Platform : چبوترا , Pig Farm : سور باڑہ , Elevation : ابھار , Foster Child : لے پالک , Erectile : کھڑا ہونے کے قابل , Foster Daughter : لے پالک بیٹی , Conning Tower : آب دوز کا مینار , Ramp : اگلی ٹانگیں اٹھا کر کھڑا ہونا , Coaming : جہاز کا کٹہرا , Rim : کنارا , Causeway : پگ ڈنڈی , Lounger : سہارا کار کرسی , Ambo : منبر , Triphammer : بجلی سے چلنے والا وزنی ہتھوڑا , Couchant : سر اور ٹانگیں اٹھا کر پیٹ کے بل لیٹنا , Poultry : مرغی کا گوشت , Compensatory Spending : حکومتی اخراجات , El : بجلی سے چلنے والی ٹرین , Bird Of Juno : مور , Hospital Bed : ہسپتال کا بستر , Drawbridge : وہ پل جو جہازیا مسافر گزرتے وقت اٹھایااور بند کیا جا سکے , Brussels Biscuit : پاپا , Danish : ہلکی پیسٹری , Hereford : انگلش مویشی , Wale : نیل , Bagel : خمیری روٹی , Bread : روٹی , Stock : حصص کا سرمایہ , Dump Truck : لدو ٹرک , Cross Bun : میٹھا رول

Useful Words Definitions

Welt: a raised or strengthened seam.

Platform: a raised horizontal surface.

Pig Farm: a farm where pigs are raised or kept.

Elevation: the event of something being raised upward.

Foster Child: a child who is raised by foster parents.

Erectile: capable of being raised to an upright position.

Foster Daughter: someone who is raised as a daughter although not related by birth.

Conning Tower: a raised bridge on a submarine; often used for entering and exiting.

Ramp: stand with arms or forelegs raised, as if menacing.

Coaming: a raised framework around a hatchway on a ship to keep water out.

Rim: the shape of a raised edge of a more or less circular object.

Causeway: a road that is raised above water or marshland or sand.

Lounger: an armchair whose back can be lowered and foot can be raised to allow the sitter to recline in it.

Ambo: a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it.

Triphammer: a massive power hammer; raised by a cam until released to fall under gravity.

Couchant: lying on the stomach with head raised with legs pointed forward.

Poultry: flesh of chickens or turkeys or ducks or geese raised for food.

Compensatory Spending: spending money raised by borrowing; used by governments to stimulate their economy.

El: a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level.

Bird Of Juno: very large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental bird.

Hospital Bed: a single bed with a frame in three sections so the head or middle or foot can be raised as required.

Drawbridge: a bridge that can be raised to block passage or to allow boats or ships to pass beneath it.

Brussels Biscuit: slice of sweet raised bread baked again until it is brown and hard and crisp.

Danish: light sweet yeast-raised roll usually filled with fruits or cheese.

Hereford: hardy English breed of dairy cattle raised extensively in United States.

Wale: a raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip); characteristic of many allergic reactions.

Bagel: (Yiddish) glazed yeast-raised doughnut-shaped roll with hard crust.

Bread: food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked.

Stock: the capital raised by a corporation through the issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity).

Dump Truck: truck whose contents can be emptied without handling; the front end of the platform can be pneumatically raised so that the load is discharged by gravity.

Cross Bun: moderately sweet raised roll containing spices and raisins and citron and decorated with a cross-shaped sugar glaze.

Related Words

Adorned : سجا ہوا