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1 of 3) Malaria : بخار Bukhar : (noun) an infective disease caused by sporozoan parasites that are transmitted through the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito; marked by paroxysms of chills and fever.

Urdu Synonym(s) : ملیریا Maliria

Related : Blackwater Fever Jungle Fever


2 of 3) Febricity : بخار Bukhar : (noun) a rise in the temperature of the body; frequently a symptom of infection.

English Synonym(s) : Febrility Fever Feverishness Pyrexia

Related : Hyperpyrexia

3 of 3) Vapor : بخار Bukhar : (noun) a visible suspension in the air of particles of some substance.

English Synonym(s) : Vapour

Urdu Synonym(s) : بھاپ Bhaap بخارات Bukharat

Related : Steam

Useful Words

Tulu Honay Ka Amal : Rise : the act of changing location in an upward direction.

Chadhao : Rise : increase in price or value. "The news caused a general advance on the stock market"

Tufaili Dosray ... : Parasite : an animal or plant that lives in or on a host (another animal or plant); it obtains nourishment from the host without benefiting or killing the host. "Parasites are generally harmful to their hosts plants"

Machar : Mosquito : two-winged insect whose female has a long proboscis to pierce the skin and suck the blood of humans and animals. "Mosquito has bitten"

Ikhlaqi Bimari : Infection : moral corruption or contamination. "Ambitious men are led astray by an infection that is almost unavoidable"

Pewastgi : Body : the property of holding together and retaining its shape. "Wool has more body than rayon"

Jooshila Pan : Bite : a strong odor or taste property. "The pungency of mustard"

Garmi Ya Sardi ... Teesh : Temperature : the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment (corresponding to its molecular activity).

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