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1) Bunk Bed, Bunk : ایک کے اوپر ایک بستر : (noun) beds built one above the other.

Related : Bed : a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep.

Useful Words

Bunk, Feed Bunk : مویشیوں کے چارے والا کونڈا : a long trough for feeding cattle. "Put the bunk near cow".

Bed Down, Bunk Down : بستر پر جانا : go to bed. "We bedded down at midnight".

Mosquito Net : مچھر دانی : a fine net or screen (especially around beds) to protect against mosquitos.

Bed Bug, Bedbug, Chinch, Cimex Lectularius : کھٹمل : bug of temperate regions that infests especially beds and feeds on human blood. "Cimex lectularius bites treatment at home".

Parterre : باغیچہ : an ornamental flower garden; beds and paths are arranged to form a pattern.

Asphalt, Mineral Pitch : قدرتی رال : a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation; consists mainly of hydrocarbons.

Beefy, Buirdly, Burly, Husky, Strapping : توانا : muscular and heavily built. "A beefy wrestler".

Sturdiness : مضبوطی : the property of something that is strongly built.

Nester : بسیرا کرنے والا جیسے پرندے وغیرہ : a bird that has built (or is building) a nest.

Tree House : درختوں کی شاخوں پر بنایا گیا بچوں کے لیے چھوٹا سا کھیل گھر : a playhouse built in the branches of a tree.

Quay : گھاٹ : wharf usually built parallel to the shoreline.

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