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بُڑھاپے کا سائنسی مُطالِعَہ : Burhapay Ka Sainsi Mutalia Meaning in English

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Burhapay Ka Sainsi Mutalia in Detail

1) Geriatrics : بڑھاپے کا سائنسی مطالعہ : (noun) the branch of medical science that deals with diseases and problems specific to old people.

English Synonym(s) : Gerontology

Useful Words

طبی معائنہ کرانا : Checkup, Health Check, Medical, Medical Checkup, Medical Exam, Medical Examination : a thorough physical examination; includes a variety of tests depending on the age and health of the person. "He is getting his check up done"

لین دین : Business Deal, Deal, Trade : a particular instance of buying or selling. "It`s not a big deal"

شاخ : Arm, Branch, Limb : any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm. "The arm of the record player"

کوئی کام کرنے میں مہارت ہونا : Science, Skill : ability to produce solutions in some problem domain. "The skill of a well-trained boxer"

مشکل : Problem, Trouble : a source of difficulty. "Having trouble?"

کوئی خاص خوبی : Particular, Specific : a fact about some part (as opposed to general). "He always reasons from the particular to the general"

سائنس : Science, Scientific Discipline : a particular branch of scientific knowledge. "The science of genetics"

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