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By All Odds   Meaning in Urdu

1. By All Odds - Decidedly - Definitely - Emphatically - In Spades - Unquestionably : بے شک - صحیح طور پر : (adverb) without question and beyond doubt.

By all odds they should win.

Useful Words

Beyond : آگے : farther along in space or time or degree. "Beyond the last mountain"

Doubt - Doubtfulness - Dubiety - Dubiousness - Incertitude - Uncertainty : شک و شبہ : the state of being unsure of something. "You always doubt me"

Enquiry - Inquiry - Interrogation - Query - Question : تفتیش : an instance of questioning. "It`s a question of honor now"

بہت بہت مبارک ہو