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By Inches meaning in Urdu

By Inches Sentence

They moved it by inches.

By Inches Synonyms

By Inches Definitions

1) By Inches, By Small Degrees, Little By Little : بال بال : (adverb) by a short distance.


Useful Words

Common Wallaby : چھوٹا کینگرو , Edge : آہستہ آگے بڑھنا , Foot : ۱۲ انچ کا فٹ , Hockey Puck : برفانی ہاکی کی گوٹی , Span : بالش , Tape : ناپنے والا ٹیپ , Absolute Scale : درجہ حرارت جانچنے کا پیمانہ , Shortly : تہوڑا فاصلہ , Sprint : دوڑنا , Sprinter : دوڑ لگانے والا , Air Cushion : ہوا بھرے پائے , Abies Fraseri : چھوٹا صنوبر , Horse Latitude : عروض سکون , Badger Dog : لمبے جسم اور چھوٹی ٹانگوں والا کتا , Nose : کم فاصلہ , Hair : کم وقت اور فاصلہ , Nutcracker : ایک قسم کا گانا گانے والا پرندہ جو کیڑے کھاتا ہے , Celsius Scale : سنٹی گریڈ , Centigrade : سینٹی گریڈ , Acute Angle : نوے اور صفر کے درمیان کا زاویہ , Valise : سفری بیگ , Hatchet : کلہاڑی , Tinkling : جھنکار , Club Steak : چانپ , Whisk : کپڑے صاف کرنے کا برش , Boat Paddle : چپو , Beagle : چھوٹے شکاری کتوں کی نسل , Classified : زمرہ بند اشتہارات , Greasy Spoon : چھوٹا ہوٹل , Teal : مرغابی , Weasel : نیولا

Useful Words Definitions

Common Wallaby: a small wallaby having a height of 30 inches.

Edge: advance slowly, as if by inches.

Foot: a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard.

Hockey Puck: a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey.

Span: a unit of length based on the width of the expanded human hand (usually taken as 9 inches).

Tape: measuring instrument consisting of a narrow strip (cloth or metal) marked in inches or centimeters and used for measuring lengths.

Absolute Scale: a temperature scale that defines absolute zero as 0 degrees; water freezes at 273.16 degrees and boils at 373.16 degrees.

Shortly: at a short distance.

Sprint: run very fast, usually for a short distance.

Sprinter: someone who runs a short distance at top speed.

Air Cushion: the trapped air that supports a hovercraft a short distance above the water or ground.

Abies Fraseri: small fast-growing but short-lived fir of southern Alleghenies similar to balsam fir but with very short leaves.

Horse Latitude: either of two belts or regions near 30 degrees north or 30 degrees south; characterized by calms and light-baffling winds.

Badger Dog: small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears; suited for following game into burrows.

Nose: a small distance.

Hair: a very small distance or space.

Nutcracker: any of various small short-tailed songbirds with strong feet and a sharp beak that feed on small nuts and insects.

Celsius Scale: a temperature scale that defines the freezing point of water as 0 degrees and the boiling point of water as 100 degrees.

Centigrade: of or relating to a temperature scale on which the freezing point of water is 0 degrees and the boiling point of water is 100 degrees.

Acute Angle: an angle less than 90 degrees but more than 0 degrees.

Valise: a small overnight bag for short trips.

Hatchet: a small ax with a short handle used with one hand (usually to chop wood).

Tinkling: like the short high ringing sound of a small bell.

Club Steak: small steak from the front of the short loin of beef.

Whisk: a small short-handled broom used to brush clothes.

Boat Paddle: a short light oar used without an oarlock to propel a canoe or small boat.

Beagle: a small short-legged smooth-coated breed of hound.

Classified: a short ad in a newspaper or magazine (usually in small print) and appearing along with other ads of the same type.

Greasy Spoon: a small restaurant specializing in short-order fried foods.

Teal: any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America.

Weasel: small carnivorous mammal with short legs and elongated body and neck.

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