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1) Byword, Adage, Proverb, Saw : کہاوت, مقولہ : (noun) a condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience that is taken as true by many people.

Related : Saying : a word or phrase that particular people use in particular situations.

Useful Words

Argument, Statement : دلیل : a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true. "He had a strong argument".

Certification, Corroboration, Documentation : توثیق : confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence.

Proverbially : ضرب المثل کے طور پر : in the manner of something that has become a byword. "This proverbially bitter plant, wormwood".

Proverbial : کہاوتی : of or relating to or resembling or expressed in a proverb. "He kicked the proverbial bucket".

Know : معلوم ہونا : the fact of being aware of information that is known to few people. "He is always in the know".

Pleasance, Pleasure : خوشی : a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience. "He was tingling with pleasure".

Ethnic Music, Folk, Folk Music : لوک موسیقی : the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community. "Folk music lover".

Memorably, Unforgettably : یادگار : in a memorable manner. "Horowitz could play Chopin memorably".

High Spot, Highlight : یادگار موقع : the most interesting or memorable part. "The highlight of the tour was our visit to the Vatican".

Hour : یادگار گھڑی : a special and memorable period. "It was their finest hour".

Red-Letter : یادگار : memorable for being a special occasion. "On red-letter nights a large gathering greeted the celebrity".

Apostelic Father, Apostle : رسول : any important early teacher of Christianity or a Christian missionary to a people.

Inexperience, Rawness : ناواقفیت : lack of experience and the knowledge and understanding derived from experience. "Procedural inexperience created difficulties".

Condensate, Condensation : انجماد : atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold. "Condensate water".

Existential, Experiential : تجرباتی : derived from experience or the experience of existence. "The rich experiential content of the teachings of the older philosophers".

Rain, Rainfall : برسات : water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere. "It is raining".

Landmark, Turning Point, Watershed : سنگ میل : an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend. "The agreement was a watershed in the history of both nations".

Dew : شبنم : water that has condensed on a cool surface overnight from water vapor in the air. "In the morning the grass was wet with dew".

Sense, Signified : فہم : the meaning of a word or expression; the way in which a word or expression or situation can be interpreted. "The dictionary gave several senses for the word".

Believe : یقین کرنا : accept as true; take to be true. "How do I make you believe ?".

Importantly, Significantly : لازمی طور پر : in an important way or to an important degree. "More importantly, Weber held that the manifold meaning attached to the event by the social scientist could alter his definition of the concrete event itself".

Retroactively : رد عمل کے طور پر : after the fact. "He will get paid retroactively".

General : عام : a fact about the whole (as opposed to particular). "He discussed the general but neglected the particular".

Actual, Factual : اصلی : existing in act or fact. "Rocks and treesthe actual world".

Actually, Really : در حقیقت : in actual fact. "To be nominally but not actually independent".

Truth : صداقت : a fact that has been verified. "Speak little, but speak the truth".

Baseless, Groundless, Idle, Unfounded, Unwarranted, Wild : بے بنیاد : without a basis in reason or fact. "Baseless gossip".

Prosaically, Unimaginatively : غیر دلچسپ طور سے : in a matter-of-fact manner. "I applied my attention prosaically to my routine".

Being, Beingness, Existence : وجود : the state or fact of existing. "A point of view gradually coming into being".

Fanciful, Imaginary, Notional : خیالی : not based on fact; unreal. "The falsehood about some fanciful secret treaties".

Correctness, Rightness : درستگی : conformity to fact or truth.

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