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1 of 13) Call, Call Up, Phone, Ring, Telephone : فون کرنا : (verb) get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone.

Call me up.
You have got a missed call.+ More

2 of 13) Call, Phone Call, Telephone Call : ٹیلی فونی رابطہ : (noun) a telephone connection.

Phone call for you.
Make a call to him.+ More

3 of 13) Call, Name : نام رکھنا : (verb) assign a specified (usually proper) proper name to.

4 of 13) Call : دعا : (noun) a special disposition (as if from a divine source) to pursue a particular course.

He was disappointed that he had not heard the Call.

5 of 13) Call : کہنا : (verb) ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality.

He called me a bastard.
She called her children lazy and ungrateful.

6 of 13) Call, Cry, Outcry, Shout, Vociferation, Yell : شور, چیخ : (noun) a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition.

7 of 13) Call, Cry, Holler, Hollo, Scream, Shout, Shout Out, Squall, Yell : چیخ پڑنا : (verb) utter a sudden loud cry.

8 of 13) Call, Birdcall, Birdsong, Song : پرندوں کی آواز : (noun) the characteristic sound produced by a bird.

9 of 13) Call, Send For : بلانا, طلب کرنا, پیغام کے ذریعے آنے کی درخواست کرنا : (verb) order, request, or command to come.

She was called into the director's office.
Call the police!

10 of 13) Call : درخواست : (noun) a request.

Many calls for Christmas stories.
Not many calls for buggywhips.

11 of 13) Call, Address : مخاطب کرنا : (verb) greet, as with a prescribed form, title, or name.

Call me Mister.
She calls him by first name.

12 of 13) Call, Anticipate, Forebode, Foretell, Predict, Prognosticate, Promise : پیش گوئی کرنا, پہلے ہی سے بتادینا, پیشنگوئی کرنا : (verb) make a prediction about; tell in advance.

Call the outcome of an election.

13 of 13) Call : نیند سے جگانا : (verb) rouse somebody from sleep with a call.

I was called at 5 A.M. this morning.

Call in Idioms

Let's Call It A Day : Finish or stop working for the day.

Useful Words

Cell Phone : موبائل سے فون ملانا , Caller : ٹیلی فون کرنے والا , Call Back : دوبارہ فون کرنا , Long-Distance : دور دراز علاقے کے متعلق , Long Distance : دور دراز سے فون کرنا , Convene : اجلاس بلانا , Evoke : یاد تازہ کرنا , Recall : واپس بلانا , Advertise : عام کرنا , Collect : جمع کرنا , Chat : چہکنا , Call To Prayer : اذان , Beg : التجا کرنا , Songbird : گانے والا پرندہ , Supererogation : فرائض کے تقاضوں سے بڑھ کر کارکردگی , Crow : کوا , Bagman : دلال , Arouse : ظاہر کرنا , Arraign : کٹہرے میں لانا , Challenge : للکار , Captious : ناقد , Recall : واپس بلانا , Commemorate : یاد کرنا , Cite : طلب کرنا , Reveille : صبح کے وقت سپاہیوں کو بیدار کرنے کے لیے نوبت سحر , Uncritical : غیر نقادانہ , Mourning Dove : غمگین آواز والا ایک پرندہ , Fancy Man : دلال , Call To Prayer : اذان , Alarm : ہوشیار کر نا , Critical : تنقیدی

Useful Words Definitions

Cell Phone: call up by using a cellular phone.

Caller: the person initiating a telephone call.

Call Back: return or repeat a telephone call.

Long-Distance: of or relating to or being a long-distance telephone call.

Long Distance: a telephone call made outside the local calling area.

Convene: call together.

Evoke: call to mind.

Recall: a call to return.

Advertise: call attention to.

Collect: call for and obtain payment of.

Chat: birds having a chattering call.

Call To Prayer: the Muslim call to prayer.

Beg: call upon in supplication; entreat.

Songbird: any bird having a musical call.

Supererogation: an effort above and beyond the call of duty.

Crow: black birds having a raucous call.

Bagman: a salesman who travels to call on customers.

Arouse: call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses).

Arraign: call before a court to answer an indictment.

Challenge: a call to engage in a contest or fight.

Captious: tending to find and call attention to faults.

Recall: a bugle call that signals troops to return.

Commemorate: call to remembrance; keep alive the memory of someone or something, as in a ceremony.

Cite: call in an official matter, such as to attend court.

Reveille: a signal to get up in the morning; in the military it is a bugle call at sunrise.

Uncritical: not critical; not tending to find or call attention to errors.

Mourning Dove: wild dove of the United States having a mournful call.

Fancy Man: someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce).

Call To Prayer: (Islam) A call for worship recited by a Muslim man at prescribed times of the day.

Alarm: warn or arouse to a sense of danger or call to a state of preparedness.

Critical: marked by a tendency to find and call attention to errors and flaws.

Related Words

Disposition : رجحان , Telephone : ٹیلی فون سے بات کرنے کا عمل , Utterance : آواز سے ادائیگی , Bellow : چیخ , Clamor : شور , Halloo : کسی کو متوجہ کرنے کی پکار , Hoot : آوازیں نکالنا , Hosanna : حمد و ثنا , Scream : چیخ , Asking : زبانی درخواست , Arouse : بیدار ہونا , Enjoin : حکم دینا , Dial : فون نمبر ملانا , Address : مخاطب ہونا , Call Out : پکارنا , Whoop : خوشی سے چیخنا , Pipe : چیخ , Guess : قیاس کرنا , Augur : پیشنگوئی کرنا , Bet : اندازہ لگانا , Prophesy : پیش گوئی کرنا

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