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Callisto meaning in Urdu

Callisto Sentence

Jupiter callisto orbiter.

Callisto Definitions

1) Callisto : مشتری کے بارہ سیاروں میں سے دوسرا بڑا سیارہ : (noun) the second largest of Jupiter`s satellites.


Useful Words

Jupiter : مشتری سیارہ , Shanghai : چین کا شہر , Halibut : چپٹی بڑی مچھلی , Asteroid : سیارچہ , Toronto : ٹورانٹو , Zeus : یونان کا سب سے بڑا دیوتا , Big Toe : پاوں کا انگوٹھا , Maximum : زیادہ سے زیادہ مقدار , Atlantic : دنیا کا دوسرا بڑا سمندر , Pacific : بحر الکاہل , Prime Time : ٹیلی ویژن دیکھنے کے بنیادی اوقات سے اس وقت میں زیادہ ناظرین ہوتے ہیں , Indian Ocean : بحر ہند , Adam's Apple : نرم ہڈی , Leviathan : سب سے بڑی چیز , Honduran Capital : ٹیگوسیگلپا شہر , Atlantic Halibut : بحر اوقیانوس کی مچھلی , Capital Of Laos : لاؤس کا دارالحکومت , Ashkhabad : ترکمانستان کا دارالحکومت , Cardiff : کارڈف , Greatest Common Divisor : کئی اعداد کو مکمل تقسیم کرنے والا سب سے بڑا عدد , Bass Fiddle : ایک قسم کی سارنگی , Navicular : کلائی کی ہڈی , Wolfhound : شکاری کتے , Condor : بڑا پرندہ , Auckland : آکلینڈ , Ezo : جاپانی جزیرہ , Hawaii : جزیرہ ہوائی , Longboat : طویل اور مضبوط ترین کشتی , Capital Of Ireland : ڈبلن , Aswan High Dam : مصر کا اسوان ڈیم , Capital Of Kenya : کینیا کا دارالحکومت

Useful Words Definitions

Jupiter: the largest planet and the 5th from the sun; has many satellites and is one of the brightest objects in the night sky.

Shanghai: the largest city of China; located in the east on the Pacific; one of the largest ports in the world.

Halibut: marine food fish of the northern Atlantic or northern Pacific; the largest flatfish and one of the largest teleost fishes.

Asteroid: any of numerous small celestial bodies composed of rock and metal that move around the sun (mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter).

Toronto: the provincial capital and largest city in Ontario (and the largest city in Canada).

Zeus: (Greek mythology) the supreme god of ancient Greek mythology; son of Rhea and Cronus whom he dethroned; husband and brother of Hera; brother of Poseidon and Hades; father of many gods; counterpart of Roman Jupiter.

Big Toe: the first largest innermost toe.

Maximum: the largest possible quantity.

Atlantic: the 2nd largest ocean of world.

Pacific: the largest ocean in the world.

Prime Time: the hours between 7 and 11 p.m. when the largest tv audience is available.

Indian Ocean: the 3rd largest ocean of world.

Adam's Apple: the largest cartilage of the larynx.

Leviathan: the largest or most massive thing of its kind.

Honduran Capital: the capital and largest city of Honduras.

Atlantic Halibut: largest United States flatfish.

Capital Of Laos: the capital and largest city of Laos.

Ashkhabad: the capital and largest city of Turkmenistan.

Cardiff: the capital and largest city of Wales.

Greatest Common Divisor: the largest integer that divides without remainder into a set of integers.

Bass Fiddle: largest and lowest member of the violin family.

Navicular: the largest wrist bone on the thumb side.

Wolfhound: the largest breed of dogs; formerly used to hunt wolves.

Condor: the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere.

Auckland: the largest city and principal port of New Zealand.

Ezo: the second largest of the four main islands of Japan; to the north of Honshu.

Hawaii: the largest and southernmost of the Hawaii islands; has several volcanic peaks.

Longboat: the largest boat carried by a merchant sailing vessel.

Capital Of Ireland: capital and largest city and major port of the Irish Republic.

Aswan High Dam: one of the world`s largest dams on the Nile River in southern Egypt.

Capital Of Kenya: the capital and largest city of Kenya; a center for tourist safaris.

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