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Camel's Hair meaning in Urdu

Camel's Hair Synonyms

Camel's Hair Definitions

1) Camel's Hair, Camel's Hair, Camelhair : اونٹ کے بالوں سے بنا کپڑا : (noun) a soft tan cloth made with the hair of a camel.


Useful Words

Aba : جانور کے بالوں سے بنا کپڑا , She Camel : اونٹنی , Down : ملائم بال , Saddle : کاٹھی , Houdah : ہاتھی پر بیٹھنے کی کرسی , Bactrian Camel : دو کوہان والا اونٹ , Rider : سواری کرنے والا , Cowlick : لٹ , Acoustic Nerve : کان کی رگ , Pin Curl : زنانہ پن کے ذریعے باندھی جانے والا لٹ , Coif : بال سنوارنا عورتوں وغیرہ کے , Caesar Cut : بالوں کا ایک انداز , Carrottop : لال بال والا , Hairless : بغیر بالوں کے , Shagginess : الجھاوٴ , Hairiness : روئیں داری , Haired : بالوں والا , Capillary : بال کا یا بال سے متعلق , Haircut : بالوں کا انداز , Brow : چوٹی , Brush : بال سنوارنا , Bristle : سخت بال , Wavy : لہردار جیسے بال , Curled : گھنگرالے بال , Flower People : انتہائی آزاد خیال لوگ , Curliness : گھنگرالا پن , Hairdresser : مشاط , Ash-Blonde : سنہری بال , Beardless : چہرہ پر بال نہ ہونا , Shave : استرے سے داڑھی بنانا , Wire-Haired Terrier : سخت بالوں والا کتا

Useful Words Definitions

Aba: a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair.

She Camel: a female camel .

Down: fine soft dense hair (as the fine short hair of cattle or deer or the wool of sheep or the undercoat of certain dogs).

Saddle: a seat for the rider of a horse or camel.

Houdah: a (usually canopied) seat for riding on the back of a camel or elephant.

Bactrian Camel: two-humped camel of the cold deserts of central Asia.

Rider: a traveler who actively rides an animal (as a horse or camel).

Cowlick: a tuft of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest of the hair and usually will not lie flat.

Acoustic Nerve: a composite sensory nerve supplying the hair cells of the vestibular organ and the hair cells of the cochlea.

Pin Curl: a curl of hair made by dampening a strand of hair and curling it and holding the curl with a clip or bobby pin.

Coif: the arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair).

Caesar Cut: a hair style of short hair.

Carrottop: someone who has red hair.

Hairless: having no hair or fur.

Shagginess: unkemptness of hair.

Hairiness: the quality of having hair.

Haired: having or covered with hair.

Capillary: of or relating to hair.

Haircut: the style in which hair has been cut.

Brow: the arch of hair above each eye.

Brush: the act of brushing your hair.

Bristle: a stiff hair.

Wavy: (of hair) having waves.

Curled: of hair having curls.

Flower People: a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s; advocated universal love and peace and communes and long hair and soft drugs; favored acid rock and progressive rock music.

Curliness: (of hair) a tendency to curl.

Hairdresser: someone who cuts or beautifies hair.

Ash-Blonde: of hair color; whitish.

Beardless: lacking hair on the face.

Shave: the act of removing hair with a razor.

Wire-Haired Terrier: a terrier with wiry hair.

Related Words

Cloth : لباس

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