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Camelus Bactrianus meaning in Urdu

Camelus Bactrianus Synonym

Camelus Bactrianus Definitions

1) Camelus Bactrianus, Bactrian Camel : دو کوہان والا اونٹ : (noun) two-humped camel of the cold deserts of central Asia.

Useful Words

She Camel : اونٹنی , Saddle : کاٹھی , Camel's Hair : اونٹ کے بالوں سے بنا کپڑا , Houdah : ہاتھی پر بیٹھنے کی کرسی , Rider : سواری کرنے والا , Aba : جانور کے بالوں سے بنا کپڑا , Zebu : سانڈ , Mongolia : منگولیا , Argal : جنگلی بھیڑ , Hunch : کب نکالنا , Republic Of Tajikistan : تاجکستان , Chagatai : ایک بولی , Moschus Moschiferus : ایک قسم کا چھوٹا ہرن , Kirghiz : کازاکستان , Afghanistan : افغانستان , Africander : افریقی گائے , Freedom Party : حزب التحریر , Canafistola : گرم خطے کا پھلی دار ایک قسم کا درخت , Dune : ریگستانی ریت کا ٹیلا , Apostate : مذہب چھوڑنے والا , Saracen : شام کے مسلم جہادی , Asian : ایشیائی , Bos Indicus : بھارتی بیل , Ice-Cold : برف جیسا , Freeze : ٹھنڈا ہونا , Stone-Cold : نہایت ٹھنڈا , Arctic : سرد , Shiver : کانپنا , Icily : سرد مہری سے , Cold-Bloodedly : بے رحمی سے , Shivery : کپکپانے والا

Useful Words Definitions

She Camel: a female camel .

Saddle: a seat for the rider of a horse or camel.

Camel's Hair: a soft tan cloth made with the hair of a camel.

Houdah: a (usually canopied) seat for riding on the back of a camel or elephant.

Rider: a traveler who actively rides an animal (as a horse or camel).

Aba: a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair.

Zebu: domesticated ox having a humped back and long horns and a large dewlap; used chiefly as a draft animal in India and east Asia.

Mongolia: a landlocked socialist republic in central Asia.

Argal: wild sheep of semidesert regions in central Asia.

Hunch: the act of bending yourself into a humped position.

Republic Of Tajikistan: a landlocked mountainous republic in southeast central Asia to the north of Afghanistan; formerly an Asian soviet.

Chagatai: a Turkic literary language of medieval central Asia (named for one of the sons of Genghis Khan).

Moschus Moschiferus: small heavy-limbed upland deer of central Asia; male secretes valued musk.

Kirghiz: a landlocked republic in west central Asia bordering on northwestern China; formerly an Asian soviet but became independent in 1991.

Afghanistan: a mountainous landlocked country in central Asia; bordered by Iran to the west and Russia to the north and Pakistan to the east and south.

Africander: tall large-horned humped cattle of South Africa; used for meat or draft.

Freedom Party: the most popular and feared Islamic extremist group in central Asia; advocates `pure` Islam and the creation of a worldwide Islamic state.

Canafistola: deciduous or semi-evergreen tree having scented sepia to yellow flowers in drooping racemes and pods whose pulp is used medicinally; tropical Asia and Central and South America and Australia.

Dune: a ridge of sand created by the wind; found in deserts or near lakes and oceans.

Apostate: a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc..

Saracen: (historically) a member of the nomadic people of the Syrian and Arabian deserts at the time of the Roman Empire.

Asian: of or relating to or characteristic of Asia or the peoples of Asia or their languages or culture.

Bos Indicus: any of several breeds of Indian cattle; especially a large American heat and tick resistant greyish humped breed evolved in the Gulf States by interbreeding Indian cattle and now used chiefly for crossbreeding.

Ice-Cold: as cold as ice.

Freeze: be cold.

Stone-Cold: completely cold.

Arctic: extremely cold.

Shiver: shake, as from cold.

Icily: in a cold and icy manner.

Cold-Bloodedly: in cold blood.

Shivery: cold enough to cause shivers.

Related Words

Camel : اونٹ

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