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Candelabrum   Meaning in Urdu

1. Candelabrum, Candelabra : چراغ : (noun) branched candlestick; ornamental; has several lights.

Candle Holder, Candlestick - a holder with sockets for candles.

Branched, Branching, Ramate, Ramose, Ramous : شاخوں والا : having branches.

Candle Holder, Candlestick : موم بتی دان : a holder with sockets for candles.

Igniter, Ignitor, Light, Lighter : جلانے والا آلہ : a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires. "Do you have a lighter ?"

Ornamental : آرایشی : any plant grown for its beauty or ornamental value.

Respective, Several, Various : اپنی اپنی جگہ : considered individually. "The respective club members"

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