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Candidature meaning in Urdu

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1) Candidature, Campaigning, Candidacy, Electioneering, Political Campaign : امیدواری : (noun) the campaign of a candidate to be elected.

Related : Movement : a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end.

Useful Words

War : مہم : a concerted campaign to end something that is injurious. "The war on poverty".

Bell Ringing, Canvassing, Electioneering : ووٹ حاصل کرنے کی کوشش : persuasion of voters in a political campaign.

War Chest : جنگی سرمایہ : a fund accumulated to finance a war (or a political campaign). "They have no war chest".

Canvas, Canvass : ووٹ مانگنا : solicit votes from potential voters in an electoral campaign.

Military Operation, Operation : فوجی کارروائی : activity by a military or naval force (as a maneuver or campaign). "It was a joint operation of the navy and air force".

Expedition, Hostile Expedition, Military Expedition : جنگی مہم : a military campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in a foreign country. "Costly Hostile Expedition".

Chechen Republic, Chechenia, Chechnya : چیچنیا : an autonomous republic in southwestern Russia in the northern Caucasus Mountains bordering on Georgia; declared independence from the USSR in 1991 but Russian troops invaded and continue to prosecute a relentless military campaign in the largely Muslim republic.

Dark Horse : چھپا رستم : a political candidate who is not well known but could win unexpectedly. "He did great job he was a dark horse".

Electioneer : انتخابات میں کسی امیدوار کے لیے کام کرنا : work actively for a political candidate or a party. "My neighbors are busy electioneering during the Presidential election campaign".

Catechism : سوالات : a series of question put to an individual (such as a political candidate) to elicit their views.

Delegate : رکن : a person appointed or elected to represent others. "He was a delegate of parliament".

Congress : مجلس : a meeting of elected or appointed representatives.

Academician : تعلیمی ادارے کا رکن : someone elected to honorary membership in an academy.

Government Officials, Officialdom : دفتری حکومت : people elected or appointed to administer a government.

Lame Duck : بے اختیار عہدیدار : an elected official still in office but not slated to continue. "President has become a lame duck".

Officeholder, Officer : عہدے دار : someone who is appointed or elected to an office and who holds a position of trust. "He is an officer of the court".

Democracy : جمہوریت : the political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives. "Democracy system meaning people make power".

Lieutenant Governor : نائب گورنر : an elected official serving as deputy to the governor of a state of the United States.

Soviet : روس کی حکومت : an elected governmental council in a communist country (especially one that is a member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Opposition : حزب اختلاف : the major political party opposed to the party in office and prepared to replace it if elected. "Her Majesty's loyal opposition".

Campaign, Run : مہم چلانا : run, stand, or compete for an office or a position. "Who's running for treasurer this year?".

Campaigner, Candidate, Nominee : امیدوار : a politician who is running for public office. "Every candidate promises to make Pakistan a better country but after winning they do contrary to what they promised so first figure out who is the honest candidate then cast your vote".

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