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1 of 2) Candle, Taper, Wax Light : موم بتی : (noun) stick of wax with a wick in the middle.

Put off the candle.

2 of 2) Candle, Candela, Cd, Standard Candle : روشنی کی شدت کا اندازہ لگانے کی معیاری اکائی : (noun) the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; equal to 1/60 of the luminous intensity per square centimeter of a black body radiating at the temperature of 2,046 degrees Kelvin.

Useful Words

Candlewick : موم بتی کی چمنی , Candle Flame : موم بتی کی روشنی , Pricket : موم بتی , Sconce : چراغ دان , Taper : بتی , Cone : مخروط , Acuminate : نوکدار بنانا , Average : بیچ کا , Running Light : پہلو سے آنے والی روشنی , Gum Up : ایک ساتھ چپکانا , Conglutinate : باہم چپکنا , Adhere : اچھی طرح چپکنا , Backsword : ایک قسم کی چھڑی یا ڈنڈا , Keep : نظر رکھنا , Drumstick : ڈہول بجانےکی چھڑی , All-Day Sucker : ایک قسم کی ٹافی , Club : چھڑی , Spindle : چرخے کی ڈنڈی جس میں دھاگہ لپیٹا جاتاہے , Goad : چبھانا , Cane : لاٹھی , Stob : کھمبا , Uphold : اوپر اٹھاۓ رکھنا , Ice Lolly : لمبی آئس کریم , Walking Stick : عصا , Staff : عصا , Dark-Field Microscope : جدید خوردبین , Searchlight : سرچ لائٹ , Adhere : چپکا ہوا ہونا , Matchstick : ماچس کی تیلی , Joss Stick : چینی اگر بتی , Supplejack : سیر کی چھڑی

Useful Words Definitions

Candlewick: the wick of a candle.

Candle Flame: the light provided by a burning candle.

Pricket: a sharp metal spike to hold a candle.

Sconce: a candle or flaming torch secured in a sconce.

Taper: a loosely woven cord (in a candle or oil lamp) that draws fuel by capillary action up into the flame.

Cone: a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point.

Acuminate: make sharp or acute; taper; make (something) come to a point.

Average: relating to or constituting the middle value of an ordered set of values (or the average of the middle two in a set with an even number of values).

Running Light: light carried by a boat that indicates the boat's direction; vessels at night carry a red light on the port bow and a green light on the starboard bow.

Gum Up: stick together as if with gum.

Conglutinate: stick together.

Adhere: stick to firmly.

Backsword: a stick used instead of a sword for fencing.

Keep: stick to correctly or closely.

Drumstick: a stick used for playing a drum.

All-Day Sucker: hard candy on a stick.

Club: stout stick that is larger at one end.

Spindle: a stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning.

Goad: stab or urge on as if with a pointed stick.

Cane: a stick that people can lean on to help them walk.

Stob: a short straight stick of wood.

Uphold: stand up for; stick up for; of causes, principles, or ideals.

Ice Lolly: ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick.

Walking Stick: a stick carried in the hand for support in walking.

Staff: a strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose.

Dark-Field Microscope: light microscope that uses scattered light to show particles too small to see with ordinary microscopes.

Searchlight: a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular direction.

Adhere: come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation.

Matchstick: a short thin stick of wood used in making matches.

Joss Stick: a slender stick of incense burned before a joss by the Chinese.

Supplejack: walking stick made from the wood of an American tropical vine.

Related Words

Lamp : چراغ

Close Words

Candle Holder : موم بتی دان , Candleberry : کائفل , Candlemas : عیسائیوں کا مذہبی تہوار , Candlenut : وارنش کا درخت

Close Words Definitions

Candle Holder: a holder with sockets for candles.

Candleberry: deciduous aromatic shrub of eastern North America with grey-green wax-coated berries.

Candlemas: feast day commemorating the presentation of Christ in the temple; a quarter day in Scotland.

Candlenut: large tree native to southeastern Asia; the nuts yield oil used in varnishes; nut kernels strung together are used locally as candles.

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