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Canistel meaning in Urdu

Canistel Sentence

Canistel tree is good for many diseases.

Canistel Synonyms


Canistel Definitions

1 of 2) Canistel, Canistel Tree, Pouteria Campechiana Nervosa : فلوریڈا میں پایا جانے والا گرم خطے کا درخت : (noun) tropical tree of Florida and West Indies yielding edible fruit.

2 of 2) Canistel, Eggfruit : انڈے جیسا نارنگی اور پیلا رنگ کا میٹھا پھل : (noun) ovoid orange-yellow mealy sweet fruit of Florida and West Indies.

Useful Words

Caimito : ایک قسم کا پھل , Aegiceras Majus : آسٹریلیا کا درخت , Anchovy Pear : انڈیا میں پایا جانے والا درخت , Hog Plum : بیر جیسا پھل , Date Palm : کھجور کا درخت , Genip : میٹھے پھل والا امریکی پیڑ , Mangrove : ایک قسم کا درخت , Cuban Mahogany : ویسٹ انڈیز میں پایا جانے والا درخت , Tamarind : املی , Prunus Avium : شیریں چیری , Achras Zapota : چیکو کا درخت , Balata : گوند والا درخت , Fruit Tree : پھلوں والا درخت , Common Fig : انجیر کا درخت , Medlar : ایک قسم کا چھوٹا درخت , Garcinia Mangostana : مشرقی انڈیا کا ایک درخت , Diospyros Kaki : ایک قسم کا جاپانی پھل , Adansonia Digitata : باؤباب درخت , Date Plum : املوک , Carica Papaya : پپیتا , Mangifera Indica : آم کا درخت , Guava : امرود کا درخت , Strangler : گلا گہونٹ دینے والا , Arabian Coffee : عربی قہوہ , Moringa : سوہانجنا , Acrocomia Vinifera : کویل پام , Black Elder : کالے آلوچے کا درخت , Eucalyptus Viminalis : ایک لمبا درخت , Dalbergia Cearensis : دھاریوں والی برازیلی لکڑی , Burma Padauk : انڈین درخت , Nothofagus Procera : چلی میں پایا جانے والا لمبا درخت

Useful Words Definitions

Caimito: evergreen tree of West Indies and Central America having edible purple fruit star-shaped in cross section and dark green leaves with golden silky undersides.

Aegiceras Majus: an Australian tree resembling the black mangrove of the West Indies and Florida.

Anchovy Pear: West Indian tree bearing edible fruit resembling mango.

Hog Plum: tropical American tree having edible yellow fruit.

Date Palm: tall tropical feather palm tree native to Syria bearing sweet edible fruit.

Genip: tropical American tree bearing a small edible fruit with green leathery skin and sweet juicy translucent pulp.

Mangrove: a tropical tree or shrub bearing fruit that germinates while still on the tree and having numerous prop roots that eventually form an impenetrable mass and are important in land building.

Cuban Mahogany: mahogany tree of West Indies.

Tamarind: long-lived tropical evergreen tree with a spreading crown and feathery evergreen foliage and fragrant flowers yielding hard yellowish wood and long pods with edible chocolate-colored acidic pulp.

Prunus Avium: large Eurasian tree producing small dark bitter fruit in the wild but edible sweet fruit under cultivation.

Achras Zapota: large tropical American evergreen yielding chicle gum and edible fruit; sometimes placed in genus Achras.

Balata: a tropical hardwood tree yielding balata gum and heavy red timber.

Fruit Tree: tree bearing edible fruit.

Common Fig: Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit.

Medlar: small deciduous tree of southern Africa having edible fruit.

Garcinia Mangostana: East Indian tree with thick leathery leaves and edible fruit.

Diospyros Kaki: small deciduous Asiatic tree bearing large red or orange edible astringent fruit.

Adansonia Digitata: African tree having an exceedingly thick trunk and fruit that resembles a gourd and has an edible pulp called monkey bread.

Date Plum: an Asiatic persimmon tree cultivated for its small yellow or purplish-black edible fruit much valued by Afghan tribes.

Carica Papaya: tropical American shrub or small tree having huge deeply palmately cleft leaves and large oblong yellow fruit.

Mangifera Indica: large evergreen tropical tree cultivated for its large oval fruit.

Guava: small tropical shrubby tree bearing small yellowish fruit.

Strangler: an epiphytic vine or tree whose aerial roots extend down the trunk of a supporting tree and coalesce around it eventually strangling the tree.

Arabian Coffee: shrubby tree of northeastern tropical Africa widely cultivated in tropical or near tropical regions for its seed which form most of the commercial coffee.

Moringa: Moringa is a plant that is commonly referred to as the "Moringa oleifera" or the "drumstick tree." It is native to parts of South Asia and is now widely cultivated in various tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Moringa tree has many health benefits.

Acrocomia Vinifera: tropical American palm having edible nuts and yielding a useful fiber.

Black Elder: a common shrub with black fruit or a small tree of Europe and Asia; fruit used for wines and jellies.

Eucalyptus Viminalis: tall tree yielding a false manna.

Dalbergia Cearensis: Brazilian tree yielding a handsome cabinet wood.

Burma Padauk: tree of India and Burma yielding a wood resembling mahogany.

Nothofagus Procera: large Chilean timber tree yielding coarse lumber.

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