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Canister meaning in Urdu

Canister Synonyms


Canister Definitions

1 of 2) Canister, Canister Shot, Case Shot : کنستر, ڈبہ : (noun) a metallic cylinder packed with shot and used as ammunition in a firearm.

2 of 2) Canister, Cannister, Tin : کنستر : (noun) metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour.

Useful Words

Blast : گولی چلانا , Quarrel : ایک قسم کا تیر , Draw : گالف کا شارٹ , Hook : باسکٹ بال کا شارٹ , Arrow : تیر , Complementary : تکمیلی رنگ , Alloy : دو یا چند دھاتوں کا مرکب , Impacted : سختی سے ٹھکا ہوا , Packable : پیک کرنے کے قابل , Chock-Full : کھچا کھچ بھرا , Compact : قریب قریب , Snowman : برفانی پتلا , Gunrunning : اسلحہ کا غیر قانونی دھندا , .38 Caliber : اڑتیس ملی میٹر قطر کا , .22 Caliber : بائیس ملی میٹر قطر کا , .45 Caliber : پینتالیس ملی میٹر قطر کا , Repeater : بار بار فائر کرنے والی گن , Handgun : ایک ہاتھ سے چلانے والی پستول , .22 : بائیس ملی میٹر قطر کا ہتھیار , Automatic Firearm : خود کار پستول , Cos : سلاد کی ایک قسم , Cartridge : کارتوس , Shell : گولا , Rifle : بندوق , Semiautomatic : خود کار فائر کرنے والے آلات , Roller : سلنڈر , Head Gasket : انجن کا ہیڈ , Aaron's Rod : گل ماهور , Shank : گٹھلی , Revolver : ریوالور , Stalactite : کلسی رسوب

Useful Words Definitions

Blast: fire a shot.

Quarrel: an arrow that is shot from a crossbow; has a head with four edges.

Draw: a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer.

Hook: a basketball shot made over the head with the hand that is farther from the basket.

Arrow: a projectile with a straight thin shaft and an arrowhead on one end and stabilizing vanes on the other; intended to be shot from a bow.

Complementary: either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments).

Alloy: a mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten.

Impacted: wedged or packed in together.

Packable: capable of being packed.

Chock-Full: packed full to capacity.

Compact: closely and firmly united or packed together.

Snowman: a figure of a person made of packed snow.

Gunrunning: the smuggling of guns and ammunition into a country secretly and illegally.

.38 Caliber: of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures thirty-eight hundredths of an inch in diameter.

.22 Caliber: of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures twenty-two hundredths of an inch in diameter.

.45 Caliber: of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures forty-five hundredths of an inch in diameter.

Repeater: a firearm that can fire several rounds without reloading.

Handgun: a firearm that is held and fired with one hand.

.22: a .22 caliber firearm (pistol or rifle).

Automatic Firearm: a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released.

Cos: lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head.

Cartridge: ammunition consisting of a cylindrical casing containing an explosive charge and a bullet; fired from a rifle or handgun.

Shell: ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun.

Rifle: a shoulder firearm with a long barrel and a rifled bore.

Semiautomatic: a pistol that is a semiautomatic firearm capable of loading and firing continuously.

Roller: a cylinder that revolves.

Head Gasket: a gasket to seal a cylinder head.

Aaron's Rod: tall-stalked very woolly mullein with densely packed yellow flowers; ancient Greeks and Romans dipped the stalks in tallow for funeral torches.

Shank: cylinder forming a long narrow part of something.

Revolver: a pistol with a revolving cylinder (usually having six chambers for bullets).

Stalactite: a cylinder of calcium carbonate hanging from the roof of a limestone cave.

Related Words

Ammo : گولہ , Container : ڈبہ

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